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2 flags captured by 9th Va. Cav.

According to Ed Longacre in his book Lee's Cavalrymen (page 308) the 9th Virginia Cavalry captured 2 flags in a fight near Malvern Hill.

Does anyone know anything about this? What Union regiment or regiments lost flags?

Here's what Longacre says: "On the Northside, the troopers (under Rooney Lee) joined with the cavalry of Gary to impede the enemy's progress northward and westward. There followed three days of intermittent combat, punctuated by what a member of the 9th Virginia called "spirited action" near Malvern Hill. In that fight, the 9th wrestled two battle flags from the hands of enemy infantry. The captured banners were later presented to Wade Hampton as a token of the regiment's esteen."

Bryce A. Suderow