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From the Official Records:

SPECIAL FIELD ORDERS, HEADQUARTERS, No. 2. * Savannah, December 8, 1864. * * * * * *
III. Brooks’ foreign battalion is transferred from Cumming’s brigade, MeLaws’ division, to Harrison’s brigade, Smith’s division. * * * * * * *
By order of Lieutenant-General Hardee: D. H. POOLE, Assistant Adjutant- General.

SAVANNAH, December 18, 1864. (Via Hardeeville 19th.)
General SAM. JONES: Send back to Florence all that part of Brooks’ foreign battalion now at Summerville, under guard, and turii them over to the officer com- manding Federal prisoners, to be confined as prisoners of war. Order the officers to rejoin their commands.
W. J. HARDEE, Lieutenant- General.

HEADQUARTERS C. S. MILITARY PRISON, Salisbury, N. C., February 1, 1865.
Capt. G. W. BOOTH, Assistant Adjutant-General: CAPTAIN: I have the honor respectfully to transmit the following memorandum report for Capt. T. W. Hall, inspector, &c.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant, J. L. TYERLY, Clerk of Prison.
Recruited for First Foreign Battalion 653
Recruited for Major Andrews’ battalion 677
Recruited for General York’s battalion 407
Total recruited -- -. . - 1, 737

SPECIAL ORDERS, HDQRS. DEPT. OF S. C., GA., AND FLA., No. 38. * * Charleston, S. C., February 14, 1865.
* * * * * VII. By order of Adjutant and Inspector General, Lient Col. J. G. Tucker, commanding First Foreign Battalion, will recruit his command from the prisoners of war. He will increase each company of his regiment to 125 men. In making his selection he will take only men of Irish and French nationality. These men will be used for engineering service.
By command of Lieutenant-General Hardee: H. W. FEILDEN, Assistant Adjutant- General.

SPECIAL ORDERS, ADJT. AND JNSP. GENERAL’S OFFICE, No. 49. Richmond, February 28, 1865
. * * * * * * * XXV. The ten companies composing the First Foreign Battalion, Provisional Army, C. S., are hereby Constituted a regiment, to be known as Tucker’s Confederate Regiment
. * * * * * * *
By Command of the Secretary of War: JNO. WITHERS,

SPECIAL ORDERS, ADJT. AND INSP. GENERAL’S OFFICE, No. 73. * Richmond, March 28, 1865.
* * * * *
X. The organization known as the Foreign Battalion will be here- after designated the Eighth Confederate Battalion Infantry
. * * * * * * *
By command of the Secretary of War: JNO. WITHERS, Assistant Adjutant- General.

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