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Re: Daniel Riner 7th Battalion

A quick note to anyone out there reseraching the 7th Battalion, Confederate Cavalry, their records are in multiple locations. If your ancestor was from Virginia in a Virginia unit such as the old Virginia State Line that was absorbed by the 7th, you can find records on that part of the 7th in the archives of the VA state library. You can see what they have on line, and they are very accomodating about what they can and can not do to help you. The same is the case for Companies in the 7th that were raised with native Kentuckians. The Kentucky State Archive is first rate, and the staff is more than willing to assist you. I have not had the opportunity to travel to the National Archives in Washington yet, but among the Confederate records are microfilm rolls that contain "miscellaneous" items for the 7th. I look forward to examining these in the future to see what they contain.

One question before I go. Has the history of the 7th been updated since 1996-1997? Not that Captain Cook has raided anything in the last 10 years, but new historical records may have become available. I was just wondering if anyone out there was aware of any new sources. Thanks.


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