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VMI New Market graves still not located

The search for the VMI New Market graves is still underway. If you can help we would really appreciate it. The graves of all but 20 cadets have been located:

Brown, James Andrew
Hill, James Maurice
Walker, Charles Pinkney
Lowry, Thomas Samuel
Woodlief, Pierre W.
Richeson, Jesse Douglas
Hayes, William Chilton
Walton, Nathan Tiernan
Toms, Anderson Clay
Kennedy, William H.
Roane, John
Stuart, John Andrew
Jones, Thomas Williamson
Barraud, Daniel Cary
Taylor, William Chamberlyn
Pendleton, William Wood
Mitchell, Stephen Trigg
Page, Francis Walker
Crenshaw, Samuel David
Seaborn, George Andrew

Details are at the website below. If you would like to help, please let me know.