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Stonewall Jackson

I believe it was the History group who published a review of "I acted from Principle, The Civil War Diary of Dr. William M, McPeheeters, Confederate Surgeon in the Trans-Mississippi."

I purchased a copy.

While in winter quarters in SW Arkansas, December 5, 1863, he notes: "Had a most excellent dinner and enjoyed the good company. At night [I] read Daniels's 'Life of Stonewall Jackson' just out and published in New York - good."

Robertson's "Stonewall Jackson, The Man, The Soldier, The Legend," bibliography, records this work as John Warwick Daniel, "The Life of Stonewall Jackson, from Official Papers, Contemporary Narratives and Personal Acquaintance, By a Virginian.' New York, Charles B. Richardson, 1863."

I am fascinated by the fact that this work was published in New York so early after his death, and written by a Virginian. And then, soon available in the Confederate south. Appears that commercial trade between the two sections thrived notwithstanding the conflict.

I am well aware that news between the two sections was transmitted almost instantaneously by the wire services, noteably by the AP.

Would anyone have any information on how this book transaction was conducted?

I find no reference to this work in the Richmond Dispatch.

George Martin