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I am trying to clarify the location of a place in Augusta County by the name of Lebanon White Sulphur Springs and hope you can help me directly or put me in touch with someone who might. In 1862, Jackson's Army of the Valley left McDowell on 15 May, marched about 15 miles and halted at a place variously called Lebanon White Sulphur Springs, and Lebanon Springs where the road from McDowell forked to Staunton and Harrisonburg. Jackson's army rested there on 16 May in accordance with a declared national day of fasting and prayer before moving on towards Staunton on 17 May. I have not been able to find any detailed references to Lebanon White Sulphur Springs, but it does show up on at least one map as a location about 5 miles west of Stribling Springs. Also, a 15-mile march from McDowell along US 250 would end at modern-day West Augusta. I suspect that Lebanon White Sulphur Springs was near West Augusta, but am looking for someone to help me confirm that and provide some background on Lebanon White Sulphur Springs. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?