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Stonewall Jackson Camp in Ladoga

You will all be pleased to know that the Confederate soldiers who moved to Montgomery County, Indiana remained loyal Sons of the South as long as they lived. Here is an item from a Family History Book published in 1998. It is entitled "Stonewall Jackson Camp #1, Ladoga."
In the mid-1890's, a group of Montgomery County men, all former Confederate soldiers, decided to form a camp of the United Confederate Veterans. The UCV's was formed after the Civil War in the South. This veteran's organization was made up of former Confederate soldiers and sailors.
It was decided that the newly organized camp should be in Ladoga, Indiana, due partly to the large number of former Confederates in the area and a friendly atmosphere toward the South.
The original charter (I wonder where that is?) had 11 members. Their names were: Jonas T. Gish, William P. Camden, John Mangus (my GG-grandfather) Thomas Terry, Isaac Sperry, William Luster, Madison Linkinhoker, Thomas Luster, Jacob Wingert, William Ashwell, and Lewellyn Coppage. William P. Camden was elected Camp Commander and Jacob Wingert was the Chaplain. The Camp was named Stonewall Jackson Camp #1 in honor of General Stonewall Jackson. This camp was the only UNC veteran's camp in Indiana, and one of the very few north of the Mason-Dixon line.
During the next 10 years that the camp flourished, more members were added. They were: David Kennedy, Braxton Cash, William "Billy" Mitchell, William Zimmerman, Alex Sheets, and Joseph Moody.
Stonewall Jackson Camp was in existence until about 1920. The last member was William "Billy" Mitchell of Jamestown, who died in 1930.
Many of these Civil War heroes are buried here in Montgomery County. If anyone is interested, I would be honored to go to the local library which has an excellent local history room and look up material on any of these men.