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Spy Jack Sterry at Thoroughfare Gap

I'm wondering if anyone has any information on the spy that was hung at Thoroughfare Gap before Manassas. I know there are numerous accounts from men who had to march past the body, but I have found only one that gives any detail. That is from Captain Cussons, captain of scouts for Gen. Hood, who relates that the man (spy) was wearing a confederate cavalry uniform and was acting as a guide, telling Hood to take a road that did not lead to Manassas. While Hood was questioning the scout, the body of a dead Confederate soldier was found among the bushes by soldiers looking for raspberries. That led to the man being hung. According to Cusson's account, he said his name was Jack Sterry and he was a Jessie Scout.
"Jack" being perhaps a nickname, I can find no reference to him. I have talked to old-timers near Thoroughfare Gap who have told me where the stump of the tree is where he was hung (the tree having been fairly recently cut down for road work).
I'd appreciate any information on how to find service records. Thank you in advance!

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