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Request for support

Dear Friends,

For those of you who responded to our last call for support in April of this year, I'd like to thank each of you again for your generosity. At the time the last call was made, I had expenses dating from December of 2007 through April of $800.00, with a need for an additional $300.00 to pay for improvements and technical support. Your donations covered the $800.00, but we did not receive funds sufficient to pay for the improvements I desired. If you look at the message boards closely, you will notice we do not have the "User Profiles" implemented, as we did with our old software. I am unable to do a number of my administrative jobs and maintenance on the site globally. I have to duplicate all changes and fixes on all thirty-three (33) sites individually. You will also notice that the alignment or layout of the site is not as "clean" as it used to be.

I had hoped to raise some funds from a recent offering of a new book by Bruce Allardice, "Confederate Colonels"; however, sales have been far less than the 50+ books I had hoped for. Our total sales have been in the "teens", which reduces dramatically the net price I can get from the publisher, so the profit per book, as well as, the total profit for the message boards is slightly over $100.00.

Our military records sales are dramatically lower, due to alternative online services.

Currently, I have accrued monthly expenses for the message boards, since our last fund-raising of slightly over $500.00. I would still like some help in improving these sites, which will cost approximately $300.00 for a grand total of $800.00.

If you are in a position to help with our expenses and feel you've gained something of value by visiting and participating in our discussions on these site, your support is greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to help, please click on this link where you can donate by Credit Card by clicking on the "Make A Donation" button or mail a check or money order to History-Sites.Com at the address provided.

With my sincerest thanks,

Jim Martin

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