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Re: Nora Isabella Snider (Snyder?)

I hope you are Becky, daughter of Woodrow and Laverne Hosmer! ~smile~
I loved both of your parents and was fortunate to spend a week with them
during the summer when I was a little girl. I am the daughter of Margie Hosmer-Hullett
and Milton Herbert Hullett.

According to James Baggett (just recently deceased), husband of
Maude Snider Baggett, Nora Hosmer's sister:
Nora Isabella Snider, b. 19 Dec 1889, in Tuscaloosa County,
m. William Martin Hosmer Aug 19, 1908.
Nora was the daughter of Zacharia William Snider (Snyder?), who
moved to Tuscaloosa County from Pike County in 1870.

I spoke with James Baggett a year or so before his death and he said that he
had been working on family history for quite some time and that he had
accumulated a great deal of information. I had planned to go and visit with him so
that we could talk about Mama's family, but, unfortunately, missed that
opportunity. I believe that his son still lives in the Baggett home on Old
Tuscaloosa Highway and, hopefully, has the information his father collected.

My e-mail address is:

Judy Stover

Peggie Stouffer

There are two wonderful volumes containing the history of the Hosmers compiled by
Mary Vance-Shaw of Logan Martin (Alpine, Al),
Hosmer Heritage 1545-2000 and
Hosmer of Alabama

Debra (Debra Hullett-Gibson) has a Bible which had belonged to Mama and which contains
written records of some family events, births and deaths and marriages, and is to photocopy
and bring with her to a family gathering later this month.

I would love to hear from you at your convenience!


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