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Gotcha, Ronnie. Here is an excerpt from the diary of Pvt. Thomas J. Barb of Dobbin's Arkansas Cavalry. They rode all over eastern Arkansas during the summer of 1863, crossing Woodruff County two or three times. Spelling and punctuation left as is in the original manuscript.

June 18 1863

Thursday this morning I leave home for camp’s, after a good deal of trobble we all got together and got out of Batesvill about 10,o’clock got 4 miles below Jacksonport and camped for the night had to sleep in the lot

Friday 19th got up early eat our breakfast that we had brought from home with us and started on, Jim Massey and his horse tore up the bridge aross village creak and fell overboard dident hurt anybody much staid at old man Huff’s

Saturday 20th it rained this morning till about 10’o,clock and then we started on got to Mrs Wood’s and stoped for dinner and stoped to night 14 mi from Moro

Sunday 21st last night the rain drove us from under the trees into the house and it rained untill about 10,o’clock and then we started for camps got there late in the evening they was camped at Capt Slaughters 9 miles below Moro

Wensday 24th it rained last night but not enough to run us out of our tent till after daylight this morning, and it rained till near 12,o'clock

Thursday 25 we had an awful rain last night the watter was about 6 inches deep all over our camps me and John waded up to the house and slept on the floor on a wet blanket it looks clear this morning I think it has quit raining for to day

Friday 26th we had another big shower last night but dident wash us out again for we was fixed up off of the ground about a foot, to day I have to go on picket at Graves bridge on lick creek 12 miles of Helena the pickets caught four fed’s that escaped prison at Little rock and was going back to Helena, been raining all day

Saturday 27th June we are still on picket, raining all night last night and still raining today it is a very wet time the feds is at Lagrange

Sunday 28th 1863 I was taken very sick last night at 10,o’clock was taken with a chill and have had a high fever all day Dr Edmondson come to see me this evening, I went down to Mrs Graves to stay I got better, General Holmes is moveing on to Helena

Monday 29th the southern army is still moveing closer to Helena, I fell a little better to day but not much

Tuesday 30th

Wensday 1st of July the Regt moved down to Lick creek to day within 12 miles of Helena the Infantry aint very far behind


Thursday 2nd still at Lick creek yet the Infantry come up with us to day, we are ordered to cook two day rations

Friday 3rd we got up this morning about 2,o’clock fed and got ready to move on to Helena at day light and we started, we come on to the Pope place and staid there till dark and then we went across to the St Francis river and stoped

Saturday 4th we moved into Helena this morning or tried at least, the fight begun at about 7,o’clock and continued till about 12 and then we had to fall back, some of Parson’s Brigade went in town I believe, if we had taken it we couldent hold it on account of the gunboats, there was three of them there throwing there shells at us, none of our Regt got killed but several wounded, we lost a good many men there (the infantry)

Sunday 5th our Regiment is now drawed up in line of Battle 3 miles from Helena covering the retreat from there we will be here all day I guess we camped all night right where we was in line of Battle

Monday 6th we staid at the pope place all day and late in the evening the fed’s come out and we run off up to lick creek and dismounted and staid in line of Battle till 10,o’clock that night and then went back a piece and camped for the night

Tuesday 7th we left this morning and went to Mr Gueses and staid all night in drawing corn this evening Leut Hill and some more fell out and went to shoting at each other and wounded 7 men that wasent engaged in it

Wensday 8th we are still at Geusts, heard heavy cannonading below us think it was at Helena

Friday 10th nothing new in camp’s, still at Guests Mc and Capt Head come down from Batesville today, the feds come to Lagrange and caused us to saddle up in double quick, but they went back and we went back to our old camps

Saturday 11th nothing new in camps The fed’s is reported leaving vicksburg hope it is true

Sunday 12th preaching to day in camp’s our mess staid in camp’s and killed a hog and had a barbacue it was very nice, I have just been in the confederate service 1 year to day

Monday 13th Mc started for Batesville this morning, still at Guests

Wensday 15th we leave Guests this morning, there is a good many in camps believes vicksburg has been taken but I dont, we went about 8 miles and stoped, got four ripe wattermellons They was fine. we had some roastinear’s the first. I have seen this year but maxfield is better to day

Thursday 16th nothing new in camp’s to day F H Campbell deserted on the 14th of July and went to the feds

Saturday 18th it has been sprinkling rain all day

Sunday 19th it has been a very dull day to me, all of the mess is out but me and I am very lonesome, a paroled prisoner got in this eve from vicksburg and says that vicksburg is surely taken, it is hard but still it is so

Monday 20th our mess had another hog to day went out about a mile and one bit at Abe Weaver and he shot it

Tuesday 21st Charley Miniken got in yesterday but dident bring any letters from home, our horses was valued over to day, my horse was valued at ($550) five hundred and fifty dollar’s and saddle at ($30) thirty dollar’s, to day I was made corporal of Geo W Rutherford’s company

Wensday 22ed we moved camps to day three miles to Mr Pastells, Mr Maxfield and Bob Weaver come in from home yesterday and brought us letters I have been on guard all day

Thursday 23rd Mr Maxfield started for home this morning we all wrote by him, But was able to get into camp’s to day but went back to the house again

Friday 24th our mess all built them some bedsteads to day and put an arbor over them which made it very nice and cool. Mike Roach come down from home to day say’s some of the people is leaving Batesville, our mess went out and got a mess of roastingears today. it is the first mess

Saturday 25th This morning Abe Weaver was put under guard for beating his horse. all of the mess is gone but me today.

Abe was bucked this evening because he would not dig a stump

Sunday 26th I am on guard to day. news come in to day that Johnson whiped Grant in Mississippi and that Lee has taken Washington city

Monday 27th this morning we was taken on suprise by moveing, our company was ordered to cook and get ready to leave in 2 hours, we got 2 day’s rations cooked up and left for Bayou Deview we got 7 miles east of cotton plant about 12,o,clock in the night put out pickets and went to sleep at Mr Moore’s place

Tuesday 28 the federal’s are at Taylors creek trying to cut our Brigade off but the trains all come to Bayou Deview safe last night and are crossing this morning we come up to them this morning the fed was reported yesterday crossing Cache River going to Jacksonport (only 16 miles from there) we all got across about 3,o’clock P.M. and camped at Widow Wood’s, after we got in camps I went out and got my supper and some meat

Wensday 29th I have been out all day getting some thing to eat got as much milk and butter as we wanted, got our tent up once more, we havent been in since April before I believe we got every thing across the Bayou the feds has gone into Helena

Thursday 30th they have sent part of the train across White River, and we intend to stay this side awhile we moved from Mrs Wood’s to Cache River today, I took a good swim in the River

Friday 31st I was on guard all day yesterday and last night. There is a good deal of talk in camps that we are to be dismounted but hope it aint so we will have to leave here in a day or two on account of corn

Saturday August 1st 1863 we have been laying up on Cache River all day, the Artillery was sent to Little Rock to day

Aug 2ed Sunday we left our camp’s on Cache to day and went as far as millers and there we scattered out to keep dry for a mighty hard rain come up, me and a prisoner and three more of the boy’s went to the widow Angles and staid all night the train crossed Cache this evening

Monday 3rd we all got across Cache about 10,o’Clock and went to Greogry’s and camped

Tuesday 4th we left Greogry’s this morning by day light and got to Augusta about 9,o’clock and went above town and commenced crossing. the waggons has been crossing the River all day our company got across just at dark and went up the River, and camped for the night our horses got nothing to eat

Wensday 5th we started for Searcy this morning we swum one creek on the road got there at the river just at dark. we crossed on a poontoon Bridge, there was two steam boats there, putting off corn we drew corn and went 1 mile and camped

Thursday 6th I was detailed this morning to take some prisoners to Little Rock and the Regiment went to Des Arc I stoped at Austin and got my horse shod the prisoners stoped at Mr Ford’s 1 mile from town

Friday 7th we got an early start this morning come to Mr Adam’s and got our breakfast and pushed out again (we passed Gen’l Price’s men 12 miles from Little Rock, they are digging Rifle Pits there, a good many are diserting. We got to Little Rock about 8 o’clock I met Mr. Griffin there I staid at the Bradley house with him.

Saturday 8th I left Little Rock at 10,o’clock stoped at McCray’s Brigade and took dinner with Capt Beven’s and went five miles east of Brownsville and stoped for the night

Sunday 9th got an early start and went to Des Arc by 12,o,Clock found the command saddled up and ready to march a gunboat is comeing up the River and fed cavalry at Cache River I left Des Arc at 3,o,clock come out 10 miles and put up for the night. several of the boys stoped there with me we had a nice supper and breakfast

Monday 10th August we got off for the Regiment soon this morning we caught up with Captain Rutherford before we went far, in crossing Grand Pararie The Captain and P. Wallace had a race Wallace beat him the flies was very bad on the Pararie it was 6 miles wide we are now camped 1 mile south of Brownsville

Thursday 18th 13th we are still camped south of Brownsville the federals have gone back on the east side of white River

Sunday 16th had preaching in camp’s to day still camped below Brownsville

August the 18th 1863 Tuesday 18th we was ordered to day at twelve to cook four day’s rations for a scout to Clarendon we got off just at dark

Wensday 19th we traveled all night last night and stoped to feed this morning 4 miles north of Duvals Bluff at Mr Man’s we slept till about dark got up drew ammunition and started for another nights ride to La gruve

Thursday 20th we traveled again last night till about 3,o'clock this morning and lay down to sleep just after daylight four feds run very near into our camp’s and we all saddled up. our company was sent back towards Clarendon to picket we seen a good many fed’s crossing the Pararie The Regiment went about two miles and camped for the night

Friday 21st we staid at this last place till about dark and then, went out in the Pararie and lay down to sleep holding our horses by the Bridle, our Co went on a scout to day

Saturday 22ed last night while sleeping on the Pararie our horses stampeded and run off. a good many never got theres till this morning, we went back to our old camp’s and ground flour on a hand mill and went to baking Bread but had to leave before we got it done and go to Brownsville. the feds has started that way

Saturday 23 we got to our old camp’s at Brownsville at 10,o clock after traveling all night, sleepy hungry and tired

Sunday 24th we moved from our old camp’s at Brownsville to Bayou Meto about 7 miles to day. the feds is reported 7 miles south east of Browns

Monday 25th this morning we heard Marmaduke fireing on the feds with artillery. we saddled up and struck out across the Pararie and came very near being cut off but got to the big road safe. went to within six miles of the Bridge on Bayou Meto and there formed and waited for Marmaduke to fall back I was left on picket with some more and then the command went back to the Brige

Wensday 26th the feds come onto us this morning and give us a good chase they fired at us several times we reported to camp then the sharp shooters went out and lay in ambush for them all day but they never come

Thursday 27 the sharp shooters went out past the Rifle pits this morning to wait for the feds they come about 9,o,clock we fired on them and fell back to the Rifle pits but dident stop to fight there for they come in such force that we had to leave on doble quick we had just got across the Bayou when they come on to the Bayou and there we begun the fight they charged several times but every time we drove them back there was heavy cannonading on both sides all day our company had no body hurt in it we had no body killed dead on the field but one or two died afterwards from there wounds and 11 wounded after dark we was ordered to our horses

Friday 28 we are now 6 miles of Little Rock we come here last night the feds has gone back some says to Brownsville

Saturday 29th there is 7 or 8 dead federals still laying on the field yet I guess we will bury them to day.

Tuesday September 1st 1863 we are still camped 6 miles north of Little Rock at Robison’s

Wednesday 2nd we left our camp’s 6 miles from the Rock last night and went down the Arkansas River to Terry’s ferry

Thursday 3rd I went on picket 14 miles below Little Rock to day at Mr Pembertons on old River

Friday 4th we was released from picket to day

Saturday 5th of September I am 21 years old to day it has been very dry birth day to me. I got my horse shod and had potatoes for a dinner we moved from Terry’s ferry across the Arkansas River, and camped above shallow ford

Sept 6th we are still above shallow Ford 8 miles below Little Rock there was quite a stir in camp’s this morning Genl Walker and General Marmaduduke fought a duel this morning at day light on the north side of arkansas River about Terry’s Landing Genl Walker got a mortal wound it went in the right side just about the belt and was taken out in the back he is not expected to live General Marmaduke got a slight wound in his leg

Monday 7th september I went on picket this morning at Buck’s ford. about 10,o’clock Newton’s men come across there in little squad’s the fed’s run into them and scattered them every where the fed’s come to Terry Ferry and have been shelling the Wagon’s all morning 18 of them come down to where we was standing picket but took good care not to come close enough for us to fire on them they have been shelling us off and on all day but hurt nobody, 1 of them was killed. General Walker died this evening at five,o’clock

Tuesday 8th the feds has been shelling us all day mostly at Terry’s Ferry we have two pieces at Buck ford, they turned loose on the fed’s about 3,o’clock this evening

Wensday 9th we have been shooting off and on all day at the fed’s across the River. the fed’s has thrown a few shells over at us about 12 but done no damage. this evening one of them swum over and brought us a paper and then went back again there was five of them come down and talked to us awhile and then went back again

September 10, 1863.

Thursday 10th September. We was ordered to saddle up last night about 2 o’clock and this morning about sun up was ordered to move. I was left on picket on the Arkansas River. There has been heavy cannonading up and down the River all morning. The feds has come across. They layed there pontoon Bridge last night and crossed. Our battery never knew any thing of it till this morning and then it was to late. We started for little Rock about 11 o’clock. Stoped on Bayou and dismounted and succeeded in driving them back once captureing a good many horses and some prisoners and two small pieces of Artillery then they come up with there infantry and drove us back. Our major was mortally wounded. We come through little Rock about 4 o’clock this evening and there found the whole army under a full retreat without ever giving them a general fight so the big expected fight for our capitol is come and gone and wasent nothing but a skirmish. The cavalry done all the fighting. They blew a 64 pounder into the River on the Rocks.

Friday 11th we traveled all night very near on our retreat from Little Rock we stoped about 12,o’clock about 12 miles from the city and lay down and took a knap and then come up with the regiment they wasent out about 200 men together the others scattered every where, we passed through Benton about 4,o’clock and went on to Saline River and camped, we killed a hog and had a good bait, our mess camped right below Gen Price’s Headquarters

[Diary ends here.]

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