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On the date Special Order No. 145 was sent General Price was already in Missouri with his large army and McNeil would soon have a lot more to worry about than Guerrilla's.

The Guerrilla's had been acting up in different parts of Missouri so Price could slip in.

Did you ever notice all the September dates in General Price's life? Here's some and there are probably more I have not found.

Sterling Price was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia on September 20, 1809

Price then moved the Missouri State Guard northward and besieged Lexington, Missouri which had been occupied by Federal troops. On September 20, Lexington along with 3,000 prisoners, 5 pieces of artillery, over 3,000 stands of arms, 750 horses and about $100,000 worth of commissary stores were surrendered to Price.

Price continued to fight Union forces in Mississippi. On September 19, 1862, Price fought William S. Rosecrans at Iuka and then took part of Gen. Van Dorn's attempt to retake Corinth.

With 12,000 mounted infantry, many unarmed, he entered Missouri on September 19 1864 with the hope of delivering Missouri from the Federal's

Sterling Price died in St. Louis on September 29, 1867.


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