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According to Booth's records there is no Edward William Bass specifically noted. However this is an E. A. W. Bass, and here is what Booth's says about this person:

Bass, E. A. W., Pvt. Co. B. 3rd La. Infty. En. May 17th, 1861, New Orleans, La. Present on All Rolls to Aug., 1862. Roll for Sept. and Oct., 1862, "Wounded at Iuka Sept. 19th, 1862." Appears on Roll of Prisoners of War, "Recd. on Board Str. Esmeralda Nov. 1st, 1862, for Exchange.
Paroled Prisoner." Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1863. "Absent Wounded at Iuka. Now in Vicksburg Hospl." Appears on Roll of Prisoners of War Captured and Paroled at Vicksburg, Miss., July 4th, 1863. Reported in Camp for Exchange at Natchitoches, La., Before April 1st, 1864.

Not sure if this is the same Bass.


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