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Tom and Gerald,.

I also have a deep interest in the supply side of things in the war and there is actually mroe Confederate stuff than Union believe it or not.

For microfilm, the National Archives has M331 - Confederate Staff Officers and Non-Regimetnal Enlisted Men, and this file is LOADED with QM officers, commissary officers and much more. It is organized alphabetically so if there is a name you are searching for it will be easy to find. Ther is also loads of information on CS surgeons here.

The GA State Archives and Wallace State Collge in Hanceville, AL both have these rolls of film as does the NA in Washington DC.

Books wise - let me add some more to what Gerald has listed:

"Confederate Finance And Purchasing In Great Britain" by Richard Lester

"King Cotton Diplomacy" by Frank Owsley

"Confederate Industry" by Harold S. Wilson (excellent work on the CS industrial base, which was much bigger than most folks realize)

"The Journals Of Josiah Gorgas" edited by Sarah Wiggins

"Ploughshares Into Swords: Josiah Gorgas and Confederate Ordnance" by Frank Vandiver
(Gorgas ran the CS Ordnance Bureau - the most successful of all of the CS supply bureaus)

"Lifeline Of The Confederacy" by Stephen Wise (THE book on blockade running)

"Railroads Of The Confederacy" by Robert Black

"The Confederate Quartermaster in the Trans-Mississippi" by James Nichols

"Confederate Commissary General: Lucius Northrup and the Subsistence Bureau of the Confederate Army" by Jerrold Northrup Moore

"Confederate Purchasing Operations Abroad" by S.B. Thompson

"Rebel Storehouse: Florida in the Confederate Economy" by Robert Taylor

"Salt As A Factor In The Condfederacy" by Ella Lonn

"Confederate Blockade Running Through Bermuda: Letters and Cargo Manifests" by Frank Vandiver

Hope this helps.

Greg Biggs

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