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Thanks for the informtion. Muriel H. Wright, long-time editor of the Chronicle of Oklahoma, had told me that the men died of cholera. I'm glad to have this clarification.

By the way, as an up-date on the Middle Boggy re-enactment: The board of the Oklahoma Historical Society voted last year to "standardize" the three re-enactments which the OHS sponsors (at least on a trial basis).

The three rotate between Cabin Creek (east of US 69 in Mayes County) [2001], Honey Springs (at US 69 in McIntosh County) [2002], and Middle Boggy (west of US 69 in Atoka County) [2003].

The reenactments are the weekend containing the last Saturday of September, with a "school day" that Friday. (That's usually the last weekend of Sept., but might from time to time be Saturday, 9/30 - Sunday, 10/1.)

The primary reason for this schedule is to have the event during the school year so children can have a learning opportunity. A principal secondary reason is that 109 degrees on a Saturday in July is just not friendly to old people, young people, volunteers, or men in wool uniforms!!!

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