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Robert L Cochran was born 1817 in Ga,as was a brother Samual 1811
both came to to I.T.Late 1840's.

I posted this infor a few years ago,also.
Robert L Cochran married Jincy Bohanon who was part Choctaw,therefore he was a intermarried citizen of the Choctaw nation
and could hold land in the nation.
Referance:Oklahoma Pontotoc County Historial and Genealogical Society-Quarterly Volume 7 Number 2 Jan.1976 page 2-3

Robert L Cochran has been killed in 1864. William L Cochran went to Pickens county Chickasaw Nation at the close of the war,here he married Jincy Cochran, Robert L Cochran Widow on Nov.22,1865.
Referance: Oklahoma Pontotoc County Historical and Geneological
Society-Quarterly Vol 7 Number 2an 1976 page 8

also--Overton Love Judge of Pickens County recorded this event in the chickasaw nation,Nov.22,1865
Pontotoc County Historial and Genealogical Society-Quarterly Vol 2
Number 1 1975 page 6
Mattie Logsdon Library--M-T-W 12:30-4:00 P.M booklet-copies- of
Pub material-Oklahoma Pontotoc County Historical and Genealogical
Society. 221 W 16TH St Ada, Oklahoma 74820-7603

There is a Bio on William L Cochran that shows he married in 1865
Jincy Bohanon a Choctaw etc.they had a Dau Eugene
Pub 1901 Lewis,Biographies and Genealogy Landed Estates,county seats etc,etc, by D.C. Gideon of Indian Territory pg 949

My genealogical infor was pasted on to me by a cousin abt 10 years ago- she went to that site - there was a Robert Jr. no data?
Robert Sr had multi-Wifes-Indian-Pre-1855 that area was all Choctaw.
So stories that he was alive after the war and fell off a horse is not why his holdings went to probate.

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