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LACWMB Authors and Ongoing Research Projects

The "Support Our LACWMB Authors" and "Ongoing Research Projects" pages are now online.

I'm sure the list of authors and the listing of books will grow, though starting out with Dr. Bergeron as a contributor to this site is quite an honor for me. For those of you familiar with other Louisiana CW Authors, please contact them and make them aware of the LACWMB. This listing for our contributing authors is a "small" thank you for the effort they put forth in participating in this site.

For those of you who are writers and/or researchers, the "Ongoing Research Projects" page is a location where you may post your current project and request assistance of those who freqent this board. A number of researchers on the Alabama CW Message Board have found this a valuable page to obtain diaries, letters, ancecdotal stories, etc. from descendants. In addition, as others are researching their own projects, with the information about your project, they can forward something that they come across which might be of interest to you.

Please take advantage of these pages and I hope you find them useful.

Jim Martin

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