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Hi Ms. Margaret, I have to compliment you on your desire to learn and share information on the 3rd Louisiana. I have to sadly admit I have never read much on the regiment. I had no ancestors or kin in the unit so naturally my focus has been elsewhere. That being said, may I humbly make some suggestions.

First, it is the hope and desire that this board will continue to be the place to share information on all Louisiana units, including the 3rd Louisiana Infantry. We treasure all our readers and posters and would hate to lose a single one for any reason. We are blessed here on this board with some of the greatest historians in this field. I know Jim Martin, the owner of these boards, has worked very hard and spent a lot of money building up the boards for us to use and he would hate to see folks going elsewhere to post and share information.

As for finding and accumulating information specifically on the 3rd Louisiana may I give you some advice based on my personal experiences? What you need to do is build a website for the 3rd Louisiana. Provide a history, even if it is a small one, of the regiment. (Perhaps Dr. Bergeron could be persuaded to let you post his info on the 3rd LA). The most important part of the website will be posting a roster of the men. You can start by copying the roster for the 3rd LA. from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System.

The reason you need to do this is because I have learned most visitors to our website on our favorite regiment, the 7th Mississippi, came from search engines and were searching their ancestors name. When this starts happening you will indeed start to meet descendents of the 3rd and will begin to aquire more resources. I can't emphasize having a roster online enough.

You don't need to start big. When I started my site it was one very humble page. Just remember to be patient and let the website grow on it's on speed. I invite you to visit my site listed below and if nothing else to simply look over the front page. Almost every thing on the front page was aquired via meeting fellow descendents and even family over the internet. Also, please notice that I have no message board dedicated to the 7th Mississippi. We tried it and it didn't work. But by linking to the Mississippi in the Civil War Message Board, another one of Jim Martin's message boards we have had great success.

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