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Thank you for your many helpful suggestions, Jamie. No, I don't think the little group I've created will in any way cause them to leave this group! I mainly set up the group as an additional source, or way of meeting other people who are researching or who descend from ancestors who were in the 3rd Reg LA Infantry. It is history/genealogy themed but in a not-so-academic way. It is a place where people can post photos of their ancestors and even their ancestors families, who were connected with this regiment, and topics can range from our ancestors to the uniforms they wore to daily life before, during and after the civil war. I'm hoping there will be many posts to give insight into the normal lives of the soldiers, possibly by way of photos, and stories which have been handed down through their descendants. I had already set up a database on the home page for this new group, to compile rosters by company, have added some family photos, and I plan to have a section to list research sources (books, links to web sites, etc.) I personally, know very little about the civil war or this regiment, but have been researching my family genealogy for some time and hope to be able to add to that. I will be glad to read all the helpful suggestions you can add, to make my group useful and enjoyable. It is a family-oriented group and I welcome children who are interested in learning more about history and genealogy.

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