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Adams, James W. (not F)
Age 18,
Rank PVT
Enlisted: Jan 28, 1862, Lafayette County, MO
Battles: Elk Horn, Iuka, Port Gibson, Bakers creek, Big Black, Vicksburg.
Left after surrender went across the river (Mississippi)
NOTE: Does not show Corinth as one of the battles on his index card.

Alsop, Reuben T.
Age: None
Rank: None
Co A. 1st MO Cav. Aug 25 1861-Feb 26 1862
3rd Battery MO. Light Artillery, Capt Lowe's Company, Jackson Battery MO infantry. Feb 26 1862
(The above unit was absorbed into the 6th MO Inf.) I could not find a muster date into the 6th MO.
Paroled May 10 1865 at Maridian Miss.

Anderson, James C.
Rank: PVT
Enlisted: Jan 7 1862, Greene county MO.
Transferred into the 6th MO Inf. from Clark's Battery Sept 1 1862

Armstrong, Solon
Age: 20
Rank: PVT
Enlisted: Under Capt. Taylor March 20, 1862 at Frog Bayou AR.
Battles: Iuka-Corinth, Port Gobson, Bakers Creek, Big Black, Siege of Vicksburg
KIA: Vicksburg June 6 1863
From: Kentucky
Residence: Pleasant Hill, MO

Baird, James
Age: 20
Rank: PVT
Enlisted: under Capt Taylor Jan 23 1862, Lafayette county MO.
Battles: Elk Horn, Iuka, Corinth
KIA: Corinth Oct 3 1862

Second 5 (or Blue 1)

Bassham, John
No documents found as of this date. Does show on CO B 6th MO INF Roster
Note: Three other Bassham served with Quantrill first names of IKE, SOLOMON, and WILLIAM

Beamer, Menoah
Age: 41
Rank: PVT
Enlisted: Aug 10 1861 Co. G 2nd MO Vol. Inf. M.S.G.
Discharged Dec 31 1861 actual service 4 months 5 days. Paid $87,33 May 27 1862
Enlisted Under CPT Taylor, Feb 21 1862. Cane Hill AR.
Remarks: Served in Col. Elliott's Reg. 8th Div M.S.G
Transferred to King's MO Battery Sep 1 1862 (unknown if this was absorbed into the 6th MO INF)
Residence: Saline(o) County MO.
Battles: Lexington, Elk Horn, Iuka

Bear, William J.
Age: 45
Rank: PVT
Enlisted: AUG 10 1861, Lexington MO, Co. C 2nd MO Vol. Inf. M.S.G.
Discharged Nov 28 1861. Actual service 3 months 18 days. Paid $52.56 June 12 1862.
Remarks: Served in Elliot's Reg. 8th Div.
Enlisted: Under Capt. Taylor Feb 23 1862. Cove Creek AR.
Battles: Wilson's Creek, Drywood, Lexington, Elk Horn, Iuka, Corinth.
Discharged: Under conscript law at Port Gibson Miss. April 1863
Notes: Went to VA. and joined the 62nd Reg, VA. Mounted Infantry, composed of exchanged prisoners mostly from MO
Battles: Harrisonburg, VA.
Notes: Date of Birth March 5th 1821 Rockingham, VA.
Parents: John and Elizabeth Bear
Fathers place of birth: VA.
Fathers place of death: Near Lexington, MO. 1870

Bennett John R.
Age: 45
Rank: Capt-Chaplain
Elected or appointed June 19, 1861, 2nd MO Vol. Inf. M.S.G
Resigned or term expired Dec 12 1861. Time of service 5 months 23 days. Paid $683,27
Enlisted Under Capt. Taylor March 2 1862 Co B 6th Mo Inf, Cove Creek AR.
Appointed Green's Brigade Chaplain by Gen Slack March 2 1862
Note: After fall of Vicksburg went to VA.
From: VA.
Residence: Salino(e) county MO.

Bleadsoe, Robert P.
Age 35
Rank: PVT/Commissary(Comm) Sergeant
Served in M.S.G in the Comm. Department(Dept) Roger's Reg. 8th Div.
Battles: Rock Creek, Lexington, Elk Horn
Enlisted: Under Capt. Taylor March 2 1862, Cove Creek AR.
Appointed: Comm. Sergeant March 2 1862
Appointed: Comm. of Erwins battalion Infantry April 14 1862
From: Boyl County, KY.
Residence: Lone Jack, MO
Note: Sent to 2nd Mo Cav in 1865.
Note: There is another Soldier by this name for 2nd MO Cav with dates that match the above. however the age is 40 instead of 35.

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