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Licking MO skirmish 1864

Trying to figure out if the guerilla's reported in this incident were a known group and if so, who? Anyone have any thoughts?

NOVEMBER 6-9, 1864.Expedition from Rolla to Licking, Texas County, Mo., with skirmish (9th) near Licking.
Report of Capt. Ephraim L. Webb, Forty-fourth Missouri Infantry.
Rolla, Mo., November 10, 1864.
SIR: Special Orders, No. 205, from these headquarters, dated November 5, 1864, ordering Capt. E. L. Webb, Company E, Forty-fourth Missouri Infantry Volunteers, to proceed to Licking, Texas County, and
enable the loyal citizens there to hold an election on the 8th instant, was complied with; election held. On the 9th started back to Rolla.
About nine miles from Licking, close to the residence of a gentleman
by the name of Reed, my company was attacked by about 400 guerrillas. I immediately placed my men in line of battle and fought them
about an hour; repulsed them, killing 3 and wounding 7; killed several horses. Fought them over the ground of attack and marched my men to this place without the loss of a man. 1 lost 2 horses, which was all the loss I sustained. My men fought bravely and stood up to the work. I found the loyal citizens of Texas County in a destitute condition.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Captain Company B, Forty-fourth Missouri lufty. Vols.
Col. A. SIGEL,
Commanding Post, Rolla, Mo.

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