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Re: Middleton Glaize Singleton

Columbia Tribune Feb 8, 1863

CENTRALIA — Middleton Singleton, the founder of Centralia, wrote to his old friend James Rollins seeking protection from vandalizing militia and a federal indictment for conspiracy against the government.

His wife had been entertaining company, with no men at home except a black servant, when 20 militiamen from Mexico arrived and demanded dinner, Singleton wrote to Rollins, a wealthy Columbian who represented the Ninth Congressional District.

“The servant woman had ironing to do and she refused to give them dinner,” Singleton wrote. “The fellow in command commenced swearing, ordered the woman to get the best dinner she could — and when they showed a determination to have dinner … my wife, two nieces, Mrs. Barr and Mrs. Wade all set about the work.”

One soldier used his heels to cut into carpets, while others piled dirty coats and guns on the bed and then stomped on pillows, Singleton wrote. The soldiers found a small pistol owned by his son, Charlie, and another old revolver, as well as $20 worth of coffee and two spurs.

“They threw the contents of drawers” and “trunks all over the rooms, all the time using the lowest most profane and vulgar language,” Singleton wrote. “After they had dined the negress commenced the family dinner when one of them entered the kitchen, took the kneaded dough and biscuit that were made out and threw them under the table.”

His conspiracy indictment was due to come to trial in March. Singleton had joined the Missouri State Guard in early August 1861 but returned home before the end of November that year, he wrote. Former Confederate Brig. Gen. Edwin Price, son of Confederate Maj. Gen. Sterling Price, was allowed to stay peacefully at home in Chariton County, Singleton told Rollins, asking for the same leniency.

Since returning home, he wrote, he had been arrested, taken the oath of allegiance, was arrested again and posted bond, and finally had been indicted, Singleton wrote.

“It is a cruel father who would punish the returning prodigal son. And it seems to me a wise ruler should as much study mercy as a father, though neither ought to exercise mercy at the expense of justice,” he wrote.

Singleton told Rollins that he wasn’t seeking a favor based on old friendships. “I ask no favors on account of our past relations. I only ask justice and through your representations and influence the indictment can be quashed and I saved from trouble and expense and as the government cannot by any possibility be benefited by my impoverishment it ought to be done.”

Rollins was able to write E Bates and A Lincoln and Singleton received a presidential pardon Feb 17, 1864.

1850 Slave Schedule
Name: Middleton G Singleton
Residence Date: 1850
Residence Place: District 8, Boone, Missouri, USA
Number of Enslaved People: 7
All Enslaved People:
Gender Age
Male 25
Male 25
Male 23
Female 22
Male 28
Male 24
Male 25

1860 Census
Name: M G Singleton
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birth Place: Louisiana
Home in 1860: Bourbon, Boone, Missouri
Post Office: Rocheport
Dwelling Number: 504
Family Number: 557
Real Estate Value: 80105
Personal Estate Value: 36000
Inferred Child:
Middleton G Singleton
Mary E Singleton
Charles G Singleton
Robert B Singleton
Seth Singleton
Clinton Singleton

1870 census
Name: Middleton Singleton
Age in 1870: 49
Birth Date: abt 1821
Birthplace: Louisiana
Dwelling Number: 265
Home in 1870: Fulton, Callaway, Missouri
Race: White
Gender: Male
Post Office: Fulton
Occupation: Farmer
Male Citizen Over 21: Yes
Personal Estate Value: 20000
Real Estate Value: 43140
Inferred Spouse:
Mary E Singleton
Inferred Children:
Charles G Singleton
Robert B Singleton
Seth Singleton
Clinton S Singleton
Middleton G Singleton
Mary W Singleton

1890 vets Schedule
Name: Middleton G Singleton
Rank: Colonel
Role: Veteran
Residence Date: Jun 1890
Residence Place: Fulton, Callaway, Missouri, USA
Enumeration District: 36
Enlistment Date: 20 Aug 1861
Regiment or Vessel: S.a
Company: C
Name Role
Middleton G Singleton

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He has a dozen or more land grants that I will need to map but without a doubt this is your guy. - JJR

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