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Re: 150 Years Ago in Austin, TX

"The steamship Karnak, from Nassau, N.P., on the 30th of July, arrived at this port yesterday. She brings intelligence of the capture of a slaver in the vicinity, with 360 Africans on board -- the number with which the vessel started from the coast having been 400. The captain and mate of the slaver were not found, and her nationality is not stated. The Karnak brings shipping intelligence of interest. Turks Island advices of July 7 represent Salt to be slow of sale"

Wonder if they really knew or ever found out who the owner was of the slaver? The Captain and Mate were not found but I'd bet the rest of the crew or the slaves on board had a good idea. Maybe they did research it and I bet if it had been owned or hired by anyone in one of our Southern States it would have been the headline story.

Finding a slaver, slave sets a fire, yes, the news was being reported but it also had it's own 'spin'.


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