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Re: Trying to make something out of Nothing

When emailing this fellow remove the period behind com. so the email will go through.

My email to him

Sir you article of the Racist Fart Party ( is nothing more than for use in the bathroom. It is easy to see that you have no real knowledge of the War between The States, The Confederate or Union army. The fact that you are from Michigan tends to point more to a Yankee bias than anything else. That being said I challenge you to tell me exactly how the Confederate flag and the Confederate uniform is more racist than the flag of the United States or a Union uniform. Give it your best shot.

Oh I am so proud of you for taking the "word of students" I am sure that would hold up in a court of law. Tell me in all honesty you have never said the "N" word or called someone a derogatory name.

Really you and I know that you are trying to make something out of nothing.

Best Regards,
George Purvis
Gulfport, Mississippi

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