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Came upon a grave marker, 2 actually, as the original was so weathered, the only real thing that could be made out was a Masonic emblem at the top, and J.J. Cox.

Someone has fairly recently replaced the headstone with a Flintstone that reads
Capt. J.J. Cox
Georgia Medical Corps
April 30 1826
Aug 11 1890

This was found in Old Lake Park Cemetery (1862-1945)
In Lake Park Georgia, 31636.

Sitting basically as South as you can get in Lake Park without leaving the city limits, and only about 3 miles from the Florida line .

Cemetery is situated behind the remains of an old saw mill off of US HWY 41 and is tucked off in the woods quite a ways.
He seems to be the only Cox buried here.
I have multiple pictures, if any one would care to see them, my email is

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