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Hello Dennis,

Any letters from officers of the 9th battalion Tennessee Cavalry taken at Donelson?

I had several ancestors at Camp Chase and visited the place a few years ago. They were cleaning the markers on the day I was there.We ate a hamburger at that place next door.

It is fascinating that for a period in December of 63,I had two grandfathers at Camp Chase at the same time. A prisoner,Chaplain JH Gresham 9th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry CSA and a guard,Sgt.Waldo P Goff,128th Ohio V.Inf.They wern't related till after the war,but I have often wondered if they may have spoken to each other. The 128th was a new regiment and in January was sent up to Johnson's Island to guard the prisoners there.In a few months Goff took an exam and became an officer in the 107th.USCI.

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