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Thank you for your response. My relationship with Col Jiles BOGGESS is at my 5th great grandparents, his line from their 1st child, Bennett BOGGESS, they to TN, AL, MS then TX (one branch ended in Collier county, FL) and ours the 3rd son, Robert BOGGESS, neighbor & fellow vestryman with G Washington, then VA/WV, and to MO in 1889. I came to Collier county, FL in 1984.

Info I have are three references regarding Capt O C GRAY returning to Arkansas to gather their mounts.

1st is in his wife's diary (published 1983 in AHQ) entry dated November 23, 1863, (page 68);

"One year ago today Mr Gray left [Princeton, Dallas county, AR] with the horses --- one long year, in which I have had only one letter since May ...."

2nd & 3rd are from his service record obtained from AHC, including Invoice No 10

"For the following Forage for Horses of the 3rd Ark Cav while collecting and bring them from Arkansas to Camp near Grenada, Mifs."
Included two entries, dated Nov 30 and Dec 5, totalling $504.20 for quarter ending 31 December 1862.

3rd is a Company Muster Roll, Oct 31 to 31 Dec 1862. noting his return on Dec 11th.

The signature may be Thos Harrison, (Col Coning Brig(?)) wherein he stated it was 2nd request letter written by Capt GRAY, signed 17 July 1864, letter written at Sandtown, GA to General Cooper in Richmond. Others approving letter are: Col A H Hobson, Gen Humes, Gen Jackson. Gen Hood signed 18th July, this being the 1st day Hood was in-charge by Jeff Davis' order relieving Gen Johnston. Approval was received 19 Aug 1864, Gray was captured by Feds 16 Nov 1864.

As earlier stated, --- I'm interested in relationship of the 3rd Ark and 9th TX Cav, they seemingly served together for many years from at least Oct '62 Cornith to surrender in '65.

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