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I don't know but I'm assuming Artemissa is probably buried in Rocky Mount Cemetery in an unmarked grave somewhere. Although I cant be sure of that. But I know of no record that she lived outside of Rocky Mount after she came to Louisiana with the rest and lived in Rocky Mount. But it's possible, i just have my doubts. There are other Pickett and Lott family buried there. (Her sister of course s buried there)

While researching, I've discovered that there are many early unmarked graves there that have no markers (some probably had wooden markers in some cases that rotted or the family just provided no marker).

I'm under the impression that Stephen Driggers either died in Alabama around 1858-1859 or left the family about that time. The reason is, Artemissa Driggars can be found in 1860, Clayton Alabama as a head of household with her Driggers children. There are also her younger Lott siblings living with her. There's no notation on the census that she is widowed or not. They didn't seem to mark relationship status on the records that early yet so you wouldn't really be able to tell or not what her marital situation exactly was.
The youngest Driggers child shown in 1860 is 1 year old Narcissa J Driggars. That would indicate Stephen was with the family as of about a year earlier before he disappears.

Artemesia Driggars 21
Narcissa J Driggars 4
Louisiana A Driggars 1
Henry W Lott 17
Matilda Lott 13

Also, in 1860, it appears that a 19 year old Martha Driggers was living with the family of Stephen Henry and Narcissa (Lott) Bounds. I assume that was possibly Stephen Driggers' sister since she is of about his same age.

Stephen H Bounds 27
Narcissa Bounds 20
Mary Bounds 3
William A Bounds 1
Franklin Blackburn 11
Martha Driggars 19

There is a Homestead & Cash Entry issued in Elba Alabama Land Office dated Sept 1, 1858 for a Stephen Driggers.

Then I find a Stephen Driggers living in Georgia in 1870 who is of about the same age (Born 1840). He has a wife and children at that time.

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