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Re: 5th Maine's captured CSA flag at Rappahannock

Great work, Jim T!!! This is very confusing. I cant even believe the OR's now. When I looked at the OR as in my first post this is what the Col of the 5th Maine had said. He claimed his regiment took an 8th La flag. Well as we know the 6th Maine got a 8th La flag. So either the 5th Maine did capture some second flag or the 5th Maine was wrong about the La flag they captured and we need to redue the OR's.

Also the OR reported everyone captured. Either that is wrong or both brigades had detachment's, sick, or on leave.

At the surrender, (Appomattox) at least 236 officers and men from Hay's old brigade signed their names.

5th La--1 officer and 18 men
6th La--4 officers and 48 men
7th La--0 officers and 40 men
8th La--3 officers and 54 men
9th La--4 officers and 64 men

Total surrendered, 12 officers and 225 enlisted.

From the book "The Confederate order of Battle" The Army of northern Virgina, Vol 1 by F.Ray Sibley, Jr.

Says that Hay's was at a court-martial duty and arrived on the field around 4pm. Col Penn was in charge of the brigade before that. Col Penn was captured at Rappahannock Station.
Then it says Col Monagan was in brigade command. He commanded the 6th La. The 8th La's commander was Captain A.L Gusman, Col.Alcibides De Blanc was wounded "at Gettysburg, and never returned to duty..."

Col. Godwin was captured and not released till the Spring of 1864.

I see that the 54th nc was there, for Col McK. Murchison was captured. He was not released untill July 25th, 1865. "Krick, Lee's Colonels, 4th ed., page 214.

The 57th nc was there, Lt.Col Hamilton C. Jones, Jr. Was captured.

I dont see the 21st nc there, nobody reported their flag captured. So that just leaves the 6th nc unless Col Godwin had just 2 regiments at this battle.

As far as I have read this battle has always been called "Rappahannock Station". Maybe the Yanks called it "Elthaimís Landing. It would'nt be "the correct spelling" of the battle it would be "the correct name for the battle".

Feel free for the professionals you listed to contact me. (

I am professionally confused with this battle at this point. I read this from this person and that from another, and now your post. If I here back from any of them, I will stay on this subject, otherwise I am going to move on to another subject. This is just to damm confusing. I dont think anyone knows the truth of it. I wonder why I waste my time on this stuff.


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