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Comanche 1862 Attack Confederacy in Stephens Co OK
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Danny Knight,

I don't doubt that this 1862 skirmish happened as described in Clift's 1942 article below.

" ... Nothing of importance seemed to have happened in this county during the Civil War. ..However, there was a battle between Confederate Soldiers from Ft. Arbuckle and a band of Comanche Indians in the Southwest part of the County, on Beaver Creek. ..This occurred in 1862. ..The Confederates were looking for wild horses and were attacked by the Comanches. ..Many relics of the battle were found by Homesteaders who settled there after the opening of the Kiowa and Comanche country in 1901. ..."

J.G. Clift wrote this 1942 article as if this event were hearsay. ..per THE CHRONICLES OF OKLAHOMA, Okla City OK, pub by O.H.S., pp51-54. ..Stephens Countians, esp.. yours truly, would like to document this event with at least one more "hearsay" reference.

For the record, below is that part of my gazetteer that addresses "now Stephens County OK" for the years 1855-1907 but keep in mind that most events took place during the Civil War era, 1860-1866.

Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation (1855-1907)
Pickens Co (now Stephens Co OK), 91, 248, A-313
Bear Creek, 100
Beaver Creek and Little Beaver, 42
Block or Colbert Ranch (1885), A-389
Bray-Doyle, now Bray-Doyle, 100, 246, 247, A-437
Camp Choctaw (1834), near now Velma, A-438
Clear Creek, now Bray, 246, 247, A-437
Colbert Ranch or Block Ranch (1885), A-389
Comanche, now 4
Doak's Store, see Velma
Graham-Chisum Ranch (1890), A-389
Hat Top Mountain, near Velma, A-445
Marlow, now Marlow 47
Mud Creek, 170, 197, 198, 246, 247, A-443, A-444
Mud Creek, East Mud, 198, 200, 246, 247, 302, A-437
Mud Creek, West Mud, 198, 200, 246, 247, 302, A-437
Rock Creek Camp, 10 mi east of Duncan, 302, A-9, A-10, A-14, A-15, A-18, A-24, A-25
Salt Creek, 186
Sandy Bear Creek, headwaters in Stephens County flows through now Garvin County into Wildhorse Creek at later
.....Tussey, Carter County, A-437
Signal Mountain, also called Velma Mountain or Tower Mountain, A-445, 43, 42, A-445
Sugarloaf Mountains (two mountains two miles apart near Velma), 42, 43, A-445
Tower Mountain, see Signal Mountain
Velma Mountain, see Signal Mountain
Velma, orig. Doak's Store, 7, A-438, A-445
Wildhorse Creek, 42, 43, 103, 186, 256, A-437, A-438, A-445
Wildhorse Mountains, see Sugarloaf Mountains
Please send pre-1890 primary documents, histories, or hearsay. Yes, even hearsay helps compile our history.

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