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Composition / Description Date Location Actions/Battles
1st Texas Cavalry Battalion (4 companies) Nov 4, 1861 Camp Crump, near Jefferson, Texas
Winter quarters , broke Feb 15, 1862
Rear guard action Mar 6 - 7, 1862 Pea Ridge , AR 1. March 6&7, 1862, Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas (aided in the retreat only).
Confederate Conscription Act May 8, 1862
Added six companiesA, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and K
32nd Company Commander (1107 men)
Dismounted and encamped June, 1862 Corinth, Mississippi 2. June & July, 1862, Stationed at Corinth, Mississippi.(Lost 50% sickness)

Fall 1862 Corinth, Mississippi
10th, 11th, 14th Texas Cavalry Regiments,
dismounted, Douglas' Texas Battery, and McCray's
Arkansas regiment & 32nd Texas Cavalry
Brigade Commander August 30, 1862 Richmond, KY 3. August 30, 1862, Battle of Richmond, Kentucky.(500+ casualties )
Confederate Army commander KIA Captains Bostick and Ponder, and Lutient Ranes of Company I

Aug 31,1862 Shellbyville, TN 4. August 31 to Dec 31, 1862, Stationed at Shelbyville, Tennessee. (Present)

Aug 8, 1862 Perryville battle w/ Rosecrans, retreated back to Tennessee thru Cumberland Gap
Brigade Commander replaces Andrews Dec 31, 1862 Mufreesboto, TN 5. December 31,1862, Battle of Mufreesboro, Tennessee. (352 casualties)
15th (32nd) Texas Cavalry, Col. Julius A. Andrews 32nd Texas Cavalry, numbered 313,5 killed, 36 wounded, and 3 missing

Jan 11, 1863 Shellbyville, TN 6. January to April, 1863, Stationed at Shelbyville, Tennessee.

11th Texas Cavalry was taken from the brigade and remounted

May-June 1863 Vernon, MS 7. May & June, 1863, Stationed at Mound Church near Vernon, Mississippi.

July 10-17,1863 Jackson, MS 8. July 10-17, 1863, Battle of Jackson, Mississippi.

July 16,1863 Brandon, MS 9. July 16 dipatched to Brandon

Aug 24,1863 10. Aug 24 , 1863 29th N.C Inf added , transferred to WHT Walker's Division (Gist in command)
Captain Dixon of Company E, who was killed Sept 19-20,1863 Chickamuaga, GA 11. September 19&20, 1863, Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia.

32nd Texas Cavalry numbered 217, losses of 13 killed, 65 wounded

and 40 captured or missing

Sept-Oct Camp Jim Dixon, GA 12. September & October, 1863, Stationed at Camp Jim Dixon, Georgia. (Present)
Army Commander Sept 22,1863 Jackson, MS 13. Sept 22, transf. to Johnstons Army of Tennessee,
32nd assigned to division w/Claudius Sears in Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk's Corps of the Army of Mississippi
of the Mississippi brigade Jasckson, MS 14. Sept 22 French takes command
Francis Marion Cockrell's Missouri Brigade Oct-March, 1863 15.October, 1863-March, 1864, traveled to Jackson, Meridian, and Brandon, Mississippi.
39th North Carolina, under the command of Oct 19,1863 Meridian, MS 16. Oct 19 moved to Meridian
Colonel David Coleman placed in Ector's brigade Dec 6,1863 Brandon, MS 17. Dec 6 moved to Brandon arrive Dec 26
32nd dispatched from Demopolis, Alabama Jan 7,1864 Meridian, MS 18. Jan 7 orders to move to Meridian, move on Jan 9
29th NC Inf Areg Feb, 1864 19. Feb
9th, 10th, 14th & 32nd Tex Reg. Feb 4, 1864 4 Ordered to Jackson 2200 strong

Feb 5,1864 5 Started move to Brandon

Feb 6,1864 Barrett's Mill, MS 6 Moved to Barrett's Mill

Feb 7, 1864 Morton, MS 7 Encamped at near Morton

Feb 8, 1864 Hillsboro, MS 8 Marched all night to Hillsboro

Feb 9, 1864 Newton Station, MS 9 Ordered to Newton Station to be transported to Mobile

Feb 11, 1864 Merdian, MS 11 Ectors and Cockrell Brigade leave for Meridian, arrive at dark

Feb 14, 1864 14 Started for Almucha (encamped)

Feb 15, 1864 Gaston, MS 15 Marched to Gaston

Feb 16, 1864 Tombigbee, MS 16 Started to Lewis's Ferry, arrived 11:00 AM (Tombigbee)

Feb 18,1864 Demopolis, MS 18 Moved to Demopolis (encamped there)

Mar 31, 1864 20. Mar 31 Start for lauderdale

Apr 5, 1864 Lauderdale, MS 21. April 5, 1864, Stationed at Lauderdale Springs, Mississippi.

20 Orders to move to Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa, AL 26 Arrived Tuscaloosa

May 1, 1864 22. May

May4, 1864 4 Order to move to Rome

May 5, 1864 5 Order to concentrate at Montevallo

May 7, 1864 7 Left Tuscaloosa for Montevallo

May 10, 1864 Montevallo, AL 10 Ector's Brigade arrived

May 13, 1864 Blue Mt., AL 13 Set Ector's brigade at night to Blue Mountain

May 16, 1864 Rome, GA 16 Arrived in Rome

May 17, 1864 17 Ector's Brigade put on train cars 1PM to Kingston

17 Placed Ector's Brigade in trenches over the Oostanoula

May 18, 1864 Kingston, GA 18 Ector's Brigade reached Kingston 7:30 AM

18 Started move to Cassville

May 19, 1864 Cassville, GA 19 Deployed part of Ectors Brigade south of Cassville

May 19-20, 1864 Cassville, GA 23.. May 19 & 20, 1864, Battle at Cassville, Georgia, (Atlanta Campaign Battles).

The 32nd had one man wounded

May 20, 1864 Etowah River at Cassville, GA 20 Withdrew from Cassville at midnite crossed the Etowah River,

camped at an iron furnace

May 23, 1864 Allatoona, GA 23 Moved from Allatoona

May 24, 1864 24 4:AM started toward Dallas

May 25, 1864 25 Moving toward Dallas , Johnston redirected to New Hope Church

May 26, 1864 New Hope Church, GA 26 Entrenching in New Hope Church

May 27, 1864 27 Battle started

May 27, 1864 New Hope Church, GA 24. May 27, 1864, Battle at New Hope Church, Dallas, Georgia..

32nd had 2 wounded

June 1, 1864 25. June

2 Ector wounded,rain

4 Orders to withdraw to Lost Mountain,rain

Lost Mt., GA 5 Entrenched on Lost mountain,rain

9 Orders to move toward railroad, 2AM moved Ectors Brigade to the right,rain

June 14, 1864 Kennesaw Mt, GA 26. June14, 1864 Polk killed by cannon ball at Kennesaw Mt, William W. Loring takes command

June 18, 1864 Kennesaw Mt, GA 27. June 18, 1864, Battle at Latimermoure House, Georgia.

32nd had 5 killed and 7 wounded

Ector skimishers come to aid Walker, ordered to move to Kennesaw Mountain at night.

Ectors Brige extends between Little Kennesaw and Big Kennesaw Mt

June 25, 1864 28. June 25, Ector's Brigade held in reserve

June 27, 1864 Kennesaw Mt, GA 29. June 27, 1864, Battle of Kennesaw, Georgia.

32nd had 3 wounded

Juiy 1, 1864 30. Jul

July 2, 1864 2 Ordered to withdraw, 10 PM

July 3, 1864 3 Continued fall back under fire

July 4, 1864 Symrna, GA 4 Continued fall back under fire, Symrna, GA

July 3-5, 1864 Chatoochie River 31. July 3-5, 1864, Battle of Chattchooie River, Georgia.

32nd had 1 killed

Vinning Station, GA Arrived at Vining Station, 3 AM, entrenched on right bank of Chatttahoochee River

July 4-5, 1864 Symrna, GA 32. July 4&5, 1864, Battle at Smyrna, Georgia.

32nd had 2 killed and 13 wounded , 29th lost 2killed 8wounded 27 missing

July 7, 1864 Symrna, GA 33. July 7 Lt. Gen Alexander Stewart takes command

8 Ector moved brigade to woods to attack Federals

Pace Ferry, GA 9 1 PM orders from Stewart to cross river, moved toward Paces Ferry

11 Ector Brigade left to guard railrod bridge

July 17, 1864 34. July 17 Hood replaces Johnston

Peach Tree Ck, GA 35.. July 20, 1864, Battle at Peach Tree Creek, Georgia.

32nd had 1 killed, 29th 28killed, 3missing, 39th 15 killed 4 missing

moved on Peachtree Creek in front of the Ragdale house with Ector's Brigade,

advanced but withdrew at night

July 22, 1864 Atlanta, GA 36. July 22, 1864, Battle of Atlanta, Georgia.

32nd had 2 killed and 8 wounded

Headquarters at Jenning House, line crosses the Turner Ferry Road west

toward the railroad

July 27, 1864 Ezra Church, GA 37. July 27 brigade detached to reinforce Walthall's division at Ezra Church,

2 miles west of Atlanta

July 28, 1864 Atlanta, GA 38. July 28, Sent Ector's Brigade in support of S.D. Lee on left wing

Aug 6, 1864 Atlanta, Ga 39. Aug 6, Ordered to make deomnstration move on the left

Aug 26, 1864 Jonesboro, GA 40. Aug 26, Stewart's Corps was left to hold Atlanta, while Gen. Hood took the other

two corps 15 miles southwest to Jonesboro, to unsuccessfully try to prevent

encirclement by Sherman's forces

Aug 31, 1864 Atlanta, GA 41. Aug 31 Brigade in Atlanta

Sept 1, 1864 Atlanta, GA 42. Sept 1 Atlanta abandoned, French's division acted as the rear guard. During

the defense of Atlanta, the 29th NC lost 1 man killed, 20 wounded, and 4 missing

Sept 2, 1864 Atlanta, GA 43. Sept 2, five mils south of Atlanta

Sept 3-4, 1864 Lovejoy Station, GA 44. September 3&4, 1864 Battle at Lovejoy Station, Georiga.

32 had one wounded

Arrived Lovejoy Station , relieved G. Brown's position on the left

Sept 29, 1864 Villa Rica, GA 45. Sept 29, Moved on Pumpkington Rd , crossed the Chattahoochee, encamped at Villa Rica

Sept 30, 1864 Brownsville, GA 46. Sept 30, Marched to near Brownsville Post Office

47. Oct

Oct 1, 1864 1 Orders to move above Kennesaw

Oct 2, 1864 Moon's. Ga 2 Left camp and marched to Moon's (same positio as May 24)

Oct 4, 1864 Big Shanty 4 Orders to fill railroad cuts at Big Shanty, and Allatoona

Left Big Shanty at 3 PM to Acworth, 11PM moved to Allatoona Creek,

arrived Allatoona 3 AM, Left Ector's Brigade w/ Julius Andrews in place

Oct 5, 1864 Allatoona Creek, GA 5 Attacked Federal garrision 8 AM w/ Ector and Cockrell brigade

(Battle of Allatoona)
reassigned brigade commander, (Young wounded , Oct 5, 1864 Allatoona Creek, GA 48. October 5, 1864, Battle of Allatoona, Georgia.
captured) ; replaced Ector (wounded) Sommerville killed (32nd Texas)
Ector wounded again, requires leg amputation Encamped at Dr. Smith's house

Oct 6, 1864 New Hope Church, GA 6 Marched to New Hope Church

Oct 7, 1864 Van Wirth, GA 7 Marched to Van Wirth, stayed at a Dr. Pearce's

Oct 8, 1864 Cedartown, GA 8 Marched to Cedartown and encamped

Oct 9, 1864 Cunningham's, GA 9 Left at 12 noon to Rome, struck road, encamped at Cunningham's on road from

Cave Springs to Rome

Oct 10, 1864 Roninson's, GA 10 Moved to ferry over Coosa River, marched 3 miles to Roninson's at gorge

in Texas Valley road

Oct 11, 1864 Armuch, GA 11 March into Texas Valley to Amuch and encamped

Oct 12, 1864 Rasca, GA 12 4 AM Marched to railroad bridge one mile north of Rasca, struck it

Oct 13, 1864 Tilton, GA 13 Moved along railroad to Tilton, blockhouse captured

Oct 14, 1864 Villanow, GA 14 Rear guard action , moved thru mountains at Dug Gap, encamped near Villanow

Oct 15, 1864 Treadway Gap, GA 15 Continued retreat to Treadway Gap

Oct 16, 1864 Sommerville, GA 16 Left Treadway thru Sommerville and encamped at Rhinehart's,

2 AM order to move to Lafayette

Oct 17, 1864 17 Started move to Lafayette but returned to Alpine road intersection and

encamped at Mr. Mosteller's

Oct 18, 1864 Gaylesville, GA 18 5:30 AM Took road passing thru Gaylesville and encamped four miles beyond

Oct 19, 1864 19 Start at 6 AM, marched across to Rome/Gadsden road, marched to Gadsden,

Gadsden, AL crossed Little River, Encamped near Gadsden/Jacksonville road

Oct 20, 1864 20 Marched thru Gadsden two mile past , encamped at Mrs. Samson's

Oct 21, 1864 21 Remained in camp

Oct 22, 1864 Sand Mt. AL 22 Marched 19 miles over Black Warrior River and Sand Mountain

Oct 25, 1864 Summerville, AL 25 Seven miles from Summerville , moving to Decatur

Oct 26, 1864 Decatur, AL 26 Arrived Decatur in afternoon, Sent Ector's Brigade to Danville Road

Oct 27, 1864 27 Moved from Decatur to Danville road,arrived at dusk

Oct 28, 1864 28 Ordered to move to Courtland

Oct 29, 1864 Courtland, AL 29 Started move to Courtland beside railroad, encamped at Mr. Swoope

Oct 30, 1864 30 Left Courtland for Tuscumbia

49. Nov , 1864

Nov 1, 1864 Tuscumbia, AL 1 remained in Tuscunbia to the 13th

Nov 20, 1864 20 Crossed Tennessee River on pontoons, enroute to Nashville

Nov 21, 1864 Lawrenceburg, TN 21 Moving on Lawrenceburg road five miles, mud rain

Nov 22, 1864 Priwit's Mill 22 Moved to seven miles beyond Priwit's Mill, encamped

Nov 23, 1864 Duck River, TN 23 Moved up to Duck River

Nov 29, 1864 Rutherford Creek TN 29 Crossed Duck River on pontoon, marched rapidly toward Spring Hill,

stopped at Rutherford Creek

Nov 30, 1864 30 Marched toward Franklin pursuit of Schofield

Harpeth River(Franklin) TN Overtook enemy near Franklin, turned east and stopped near the Harpeth River

Ector's Brigade on detached duty, guarding the trains at the rear

of Cockhrell and Sears brigades

Dec 13, 1864 50. Dec 13, French granted leave, command turned over to Gen. C.W. Sears
Andrews wounded Dec 4, 1864 Nashville, TN 51. December 15 & 16, 1864, Battle of Nashville, Tennessee.

32nd suffered losses of at least 5 wounded and 10 captured

Ector's Brigade was ordered to take a position on Compton's Hill

Gen. French having taken a leave of absence, his depleted division was merged

into that of Maj. Gen. Walthall, remaining in Stewart's corps

Dec 15, Gen. Thomas launched an attack by his Federal army upon Stewart's position.

Ector's brigade first assisted in the defense of Hillsboro Pike, but withdrew after

the Federals broke through Walthall's fortifications

Dec 22, 1864 Columbia, TN 52. Dec 22, 1864, Retreat from Nashville, Ector's Brigade in rear guard action ,

G.W. captured near Cloumbia, TN ,1 of 10

Dec 25, 1864 Sugar Creek, TN 53. December 25, 1864, Battle of Sugar Creek, Mississippi.

Jan 6, 1865 Louisville, KY 54. Jan 6, 1864 G.W. moved from Louisville, KY to Camp Chase OH
Dispached to Spanish Fort , AL. Mar 27-Aprl 6, 1865 Mobile, AL 55. March 27 to April 8, 1865, Battle of Spanish Fort, Alabama

32nd Texas Cavalry had at least 8 wounded and 34 captured

Ector's brigade, one of three, held the left of the line.(7) Federal troops, led by the

8th Iowa, gained a lodgment on the right, and during the night of April 8-9,

the defenders withdrew over a treadway bridge to Battery Tracy;

93 men killed, 395 wounded, and 250 missing

May3-4, 1865 Meridian, MS 56. May 9, 1865, Regiment Paroled, Meridian, Mississippi.

Gen. Maury withdrew his men from Mobile before the 12th to Meridian, Mississippi

June 12, 1865 Camp Chase, OH 57. June 12, 1865, G.W. Paroled at Camp Case, OH

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