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I don't have a working knowledge of these Virginia Regiments other than what I have uncovered while researching other materials. Nor can I vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the information in the source I cited.

That being said, for more information I would also recommend:
A Guide to Virginia Military Organizations 1861-1865
Lee A. Wallace

I tried to find out as much as I could about your questions and the results are as follows:

McRae Rifles
The Virginia State Militia became part of the Confederate States Army and Virginia Brigadier General Benjamin Huger was put in charge of the Department of Norfolk, becoming a Confederate brigadier two weeks later.[4] On July 1, he signed an order organizing the various companies of state militia into regiments, including the 41st Virginia, which he formed with seven companies, intending to bring the total up to ten with additional recruitment, with West Point graduate John R. Chambliss in command as colonel
Company C – McRae Rifles (Petersburg, Prince George Co., Dinwiddie Co., and Chesterfield Co.), Captain James S. Gilliam

Assigned to the 41st Virginia by G O #39 dated July 12, 1861

The 41st Virginia arrived with Mahone's Division in Petersburg, the home of many of its men, sometime between June 18 and June 20, 1864. On June 21, the Union II Corps and VI Corps advanced to the Jerusalem Plank Road, with the plan to wreck the Weldon Railroad, one of the two remaining supply lines for Petersburg.

Compiled Service Records from Fold3

9th Virginia
Co A [1st] Salem Flying Artillery
Reorganized May 8, 1862 as an independent Battery

Co A [2nd] Co-Wright’s Co
Formerly Capt Wright’s Co “Confed Guards” Va
Enlisted March 14, 1862 for the war
Frank Wright-Capt
Robert Bolling-1
Richard E Hawks-2
Jas E Routh-2

Month of June, 1862 station of company [Capt Wright’s Co]
Fort Clifton, Appomattox River
Changed station from Petersburg June 1, where this company was first ordered by Sec of War when first mustered into service to Fort Clifton obstructions by order of Gen Walker temporarily in command at Petersburg
Requisition made for arms in March has never been filled although several trips made to Richmond [for that purpose]company was much reduced in numbers by having 23 men detached by the Sec of War for Gov’t work & sickness & leaving only 47 rank & file for duty.
The Capt respectfully makes this last application for recruits & arms. The Co might be filled with conscripts from Petersburg

National Archives

National Archives Identifier: 7557395
Local Identifier: Chapter I, Volume 208
Creator(s): War Department. The Adjutant General's Office. War Records Office. 1874-7/1/1899

Richmond, Nov 28, 1863-S O #283/XVI The 2 unattached Companies commanded by Captains [Archer Goodwyn] & F M Wright now on duty in Petersburg, are assigned to form a part of the 9th Virginia Vols in place of two companies detached

Compiled Service Record from Fold3

David F Wells 22 yrs old-Pvt Capt A M Goodwyn’s Co [Hargrove Blues]
[This company subsequently became 1st Co I, 12th Virginia]

1st Co I, 12th Virginia [originally an independent company] was dropped from the Regiment by S O #129 of June 5, 1862 and became Goodwyn’s unattached Co Va Infy [subsequently became 2nd Co H, 9th Virginia]

David F Wells Pvt Capt A M Goodwyn’s Co [Hargrove Blues] 9th Virginia
Company I, formerly known as the Hargrove Blues, Dinwiddie County (1st) enlisted 11 June 1861, reorganized in May 1862, then detached from the 12th Regiment as per S.O. 382, A&IGO, dated 5 June 1862; served as an unattached company until assigned as Company H (2nd), 9th Regiment, Virginia Infantry, as per S. O. 382, A&IGO, dated 28 November 1863. Records indicated the company belonged to the 12th Regiment until the time the regiment reorganized. Captains were Arthur M Goodwyn then Archibald B. Goodwyn.

Hargrove Blues
Order of battle
Confederate Troops in Departments of Virginia and North Carolina, l0 March l863
Commanding Officer: Lieutenant General J. Longstreet Elzey's Command: Major General A.Elzey (277/4,825) HQ: Richmond Virginia Colonel T.S Rhett's Command, Colonel Jack Brown's Command, Colonel T.J.Page's Command (Chaffin Bluff), Captain Lee (Drewry's Bluff), Wise's Brigade French's Command: Major General S.G.French (4l6/6,64l) HQ Petersburg,Virginia Colston's Command 29th Virginia Regiment, Cavalry Detachment Confederate Guard, Hargrove Blues, Mosley's Artillery Battalion, Bradford's Battery, Sturdivant's Battery, Camp of paroled prisoners, and Signal Corps
PICKETT'S DIVISION, MG George E. Pickett Garnett's Brigade 8th Virginia, 18th Virginia, 19th Virginia, 28th Virginia, and 56th Virginia Armistead's Brigade 9th Virginia, 14th Virginia, 38th Virginia, 53rd Virginia, and 57th Virginia Kemper's Brigade 1st Virginia, 3rd Virginia, 7th Virginia, 11th Virginia, and 24th Virginia Jenkins's Brigade 1st South Carolina (Hagood's), 2nd South Carolina, (Rifles) 5th South Carolina,
6th South Carolina, Hampton Legion, and Palmetto Sharpshooters
Corse's Brigade 15th Virginia, 17th Virginia, 30th Virginia, and 32nd Virginia Artillery Dearing's (Virginia) battery, Fauquier (Virginia) Art (Stribling's battery) Richmond (Fayette) Art (Macon's battery)

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