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I hope you know that I would be very pleased to share with you any information that I might have.

However, The Alexander Papers are focused on operations in Arkansas during General Hindman's 1862 command. As such, the Gee/Johnson regiment is not covered by these papers.

I feel sure you have accessed most of my sources for this regiment, but here is a list of those I have used:

Arkansas Historical Quarterly 1947
Escape of Capt Joe by Glenn Martel Magnolia, Ark
See also online at:

Benjamin W. Johnson letter, 1863 Sept. 12.
Author: Benjamin W Johnson
Edition/Format: Archival material : English
Publication: Confederate States Army collection.
Summary: The letter, written from "Prison No. 8 Custom House" to T. F. Wilson, an assistant adjutant general, reports the part played by Johnson's command in defense of Fort Desperate in the Battle of Port Hudson, Louisiana
Louisiana State University special collections
See also online at:

The Diary of R.L. McClung [Capt of Co K, 15th Ark] from The University of Texas.

Arkansas Fifteenth (Gee-Johnson) Regiment Infantry, 1861-1865
Author:Bobby N Downs; Clark County Historical Association (Ark.) Publisher: Arkadelphia, Ark. : Clark County Historical Association, 1998.

Memoirs of Colonel John C Wright

Supplement to the Official Records
The Official Records

Reminiscences in Gray
By …Graves [Enlisted in Co I, 15th Arkansas, Captain John C Wright]

Finally, for what ever it might be worth to anyone other than myself, here is a timeline that I had compiled a timeline for this regiment from these sources. This was intended just for my own personal reference, so you must indulge me for the liberties I took with abbreviations and the edited summaries of most entries.

15th Ark [Gee/Johnson] Timeline

Summer 1861-the regiment was organized in Camden, Ark. Records show that the regiment was then officially organized on Jan 2, 1862 with the following officers:
Colonel James M. Gee, Lt. Colonel John C. Wright, Major P. Lynch Lee, and Adjutant Benjamin W. Johnson. The company commanders were: Co. A, Captain S. L. Proctor; Co. B, Captain Henry Purifoy; Co. C, Captain Robert Jordan; Co. D, Captain L. W. Matthews; Co. E, Captain W. H. Perkinson; and Co. F, Captain Alexander Byrne. It was known as Gee's Regiment, since there were several other units also designated as 15th Arkansas Infantry.

In mid December, 1861, the regiment was ordered Memphis. Some of the companies began marching eastward from Camden in early January, and at Gaines' Landing on the Mississippi River, took a steamer to Memphis. One company was ordered to Little Rock, then went on to Memphis. The regiment camped for a few days at Memphis, and was then ordered to Fort Heiman, a new fort being constructed on the Tennessee River, arriving around January 28. On February 5, the troops moved across the river to Fort Henry

7/31/62 B W Johnson released from prison to be exchanged

8/2/62 Camden, Ark-Lt John Walker resignation-forwarded w/recommendation for acceptance-Col Grinstead cdg--endorsed- Hindman, Army of SW-asking what action should be taken in the cases of men such as this who are cut off from their commands because of the enemy holding the Miss River or whose commands have been captured [Alexander Papers]

9/1/62 Capt McClung left Johnson Island for exchange

9/7/62 Left Camp Butler

9/15/62 Capt McClung arrive Vicksburg

9/16/62 our command was ordered to report to Jackson, Ms, as soon as formed-Capt McClung

9/16/62 Privates Brown & Chandler [later in Co F 15th Ark] arrives Vicksburg

9/23/62 arrived Vicksburg-from there sent to Jackson and reorganized and drew guns

9/23/62 Private Cox appears on list of prisoners to be delivered for exchange at Vicksburg-
--rec’d 1777 pows on board steamer Jno B Done on 9/23-declared exchgd 11/10

9/25/62 Hart met us at Vicksburg-he had been carried off with the sick from Ft Donelson

Record of Events [original 6 Co’s of 15th Ark]
Reg’t organized in Camden, Ark. Jan. 2/62. Left 4th. Arrived at Ft. Heiman 31st. Crossed to Ft. Henry Feb. 5th. Returned to Donelson the 6th, operating within defense of that place until the surrender. None killed, 4 wounded. 62 surrendered. 58 carried off. 5 escaped. 27 died. 27 returned.
Regt. organized at Camden, Jany the 2d, Left that place on the 4th. Arrived at Ft. Heiman on the 31st. Crossed over to Ft. Henry on Feb. the 5th. Retreated from that place to Fort Donelson on the 6th. Engaged in the defense of that place until Feb. the 16th, and then surrendered to Gen Grant. 67 surrendered. 29 died in prison. 9 in Hospitals. 34 returned.
The 15th Ark. Regt. was organized at Camden, Ark. 2d Jan and left on Jan 5th, Landed at Memphis, Tenn. 20th Jany . Ordered to Fort Heiman. Landed the 28th. Remained there until 4th Feb. & ordered to Fort Henry, remained there 6th, retreated to Fort Donelson. Remained there until the surrender. Was captured, taken North by the enemy. Remained there until exchanged for at Vicksburg. Ordered to Jackson, Miss. to reorganize.
This Company left Camden, Ark. 10th Jan. Marched from there to Gains Landing. Arrived Jan 18th, From there to Memphis by transports. The Regiment was ordered to Danville, Tenn. thence to Fort Heiman, then to Fort Henry, at which place the Muster Rolls, Clothing, Blankets &c were lost in the retreat on the 6th Feb. . . . Were at the Fort Donelson surrender & surrendered with that place on the 16th Feb. . . . This Roll is made from memorization. I believe it to be correct as could be presented under the circumstances.
This Company after remaining in Ark. up to Dec. 19th ordered to Little Rock via Camden. When at the latter place, ordered to Memphis & then with shot guns to Ft. Henry & in retreating from there left all & was surrendered at Donelson. Majority died in prison.
This Co. was mustered in at Forest Grove, Lafayette Co., Ark, Dec. 19th, 1861. Left that place on the 2d day of Jan. Marched through to the Miss. River to Gasters Landing, 170 miles. Arrived on the 18th Jan, at which time and place we formed the Regiment. Left on the 19th. Arrived at Fort Heiman on the 31st Jan. Crossed over to Fort Henry on the 3d Feby. Retreated from that place on the 6th to Fort Donelson. Was engaged in the defense of that place until the 16th, at which time we were surrendered. Had 2 killed in battle, 2 wounded. Surrendered 50 men including officers, 22 died in prison, 26 returned.

9/29/62-HQs-Jackson, Ms- par 29 special order #59
Co C of 40th Tn-aka 5th Conf [Fla Company] became 2nd Co C of 42nd Tn.
The 4 Ark Co’s of the 40th Tn were assigned to the 15th Ark [from 40th Tn footnote]
The 4 Ala Co’s were assigned to the 54th Ala

At Jackson, Ms, The 40th Tennessee was disbanded and its four Arkansas Companies were transferred to the 15th Arkansas as (new) Co’s A-B-D-E. Capt. Hubbard's Co F, 40th Tennessee, became (new) Co E, 15th (Johnson's) Arkansas Infantry

10/4 Jackson, Ms---P Lynch Lee, Major cdg regt--requisition on ordnance dept of Gen Tilghman’s command-175 muskets & of all accessories. Lee was paid 8/7 as Major-by Maj Ambler

10/3 or 10/4 +/- The original 6 Co’s of the 15th Ark leave for Holly Springs--then ordered to bridge over Hatchie River. Here the Regt proceeded to reorganize and elect the regt officers it had been agreed beforehand that the original 15th members could elect the colonel and the major and the new 4 Co’s could elect the Lt Col

10/3/62 McClung Diary-On the 3rd day of October, we reorganized our regiment--elected new company officers. I was elected captain of my company. The election was held near Pearl River under a willow tree. The regimental officers elected were Col Johnson Lt Col P Lynch Lee Major Stewart –
Maj Lee was defeated for Col by Col Johnson but refused the Major position preferring to be Lt Col
Capt Joe was the likely candidate for Lt Col but was asked to step aside in favor of Lee- since this was not the agreement, Stewart then became the lt col
We moved from thence to Holly Springs and back to Hatchie Bridge--back to Holly Springs from which place we were detailed for recruiting service. I was one of the number. We left camp an hour after being notified. I left some roasted potatoes in the fire. I went home by the way of Jackson, Miss., Vicksburg and Monroe, La.

Thus reorganized the 15th was soon ordered to Coldwater near Holly Springs and after that to Port Hudson

10/6/62 A J Gillespie was elected first lieutenant; and with the regimental reorganization on October 16, 1862, was transferred to (new) Co. F, 15th Ark Infantry.

10/6/62 Jackson muster roll period ending this date for Co letters below for Johnson’s regt:
A-62 surrendered-58 carried off-5 escaped-27 died-27 returned
B-67 surrendered-29 died in prison-9 in hospital-34 returned
C-released, to Jackson to be reorganized
E-majority died in prison

10/6/62 Jackson-certificate of disability for discharge of F M Cook-signed Capt Byrne cdg Co F-certified by surgeon Voorhies

10/9/62 Cook [& others] discharged Jackson, Ms by order of Gen Tilghman

10/9/62 ordnance dept of Tilghman’s command-Jackson, Ms-requisition for 130 muskets-W E Stewart Capt cdg

10/15 The 15th Ark (Johnson/Gee) Co’s mustered at Jackson on 10/6 and the regiment was reorganized on 10/15. The original Co’s were joined by the Ark Co’s (A, D, F, G, I) of the disbanded 40th Tn. The former regimental adjutant, B W. Johnson, was elected Col.

10/16/62 The regiment was reorganized by consolidation
Maj Lee was defeated for Col by Col Johnson but refused the position of Major, preferring to be Lt Col
Capt Joe was the likely candidate for Lt Col but was asked to step aside in favor of Lee-Joe was mad since this was not the agreement, Stewart then became the Lt Col [but see next]

[10/16] Camp 15th Ark regt- Tallahatchie bridge-Miss Central RR-the undersigned officers appointed to hold an election for field officers in accordance with special orders from HQs of Gen Tilghman’s office. Election was held 10/16 with the following results:
P. Lynch Lee-LtCol
W. E. Stewart-Major
Signed P Ellis Capt AAG

The new officers were: Benjamin W. Johnson, Col, Paul Lynch Lee, Lt. Col, and William E. Stewart, Major. The new designations of the ten companies and their commanders were as follows:
Company: Former Designation: Commander:
A Co. I, 40th Tenn. Capt. John H. D. Stevenson
B Co. D, 40th Tenn. Capt. Joseph A. Daniels
C Co. A, 15th Ark. Capt. James H. Franklin
D Co. G, 40th Tenn. Capt. John C. Hubbard
E Co. F, 40th Tenn. Capt. William Walker
F Co. B, 15th Ark. Capt. Edward C. Wilson
G Co. C, 15th Ark. Capt. Albert M. Reid
H Co. D, 15th Ark. Capt. Theophilus Wilkerson
I Co. E, 15th Ark. Capt. Ludwig W. Matthews
K Co. F, 15th Ark. Capt. Richard L.C. McClung

10/16/62 Lt Rogers transferred to 15th Ark from 40th Tn

10/18/62-special order #70-HQs Jackson--1st Sgt Burns & Clicker of Co H 15th Ark detailed to Spring Hill, Hempstead County, Ark for the purpose of recruiting for his regt per instructions in special order #2. Certified by Lt Giles cdg company. By order of Gen Tilghman-P Ellis Capt AAG. 2/20/63 They were paid for mileage on 2/20/63.

10/18/62-special order #70-HQ Jackson-Capt Wilkerson & … of Co H detailed to Spring Hill, Hempstead County, Ark for the purpose of recruiting for his regt per instructions in special order #2. You and all the officers are to make weekly reports to Lt Col P Lynch Lee & all will rejoin the regt within 40 days.

10/19-11/5/62 Baldridge, J A-15th Ark-commutation of rations for him & 2 recruits while on detached duty returning to his branch rendezvous en route from Madison, Ark, to Port Hudson from 11/25 to 12/12-appd Col B Johnson-appd Lt Cummings 19th Ark recruiting officer-3/20/63-rec’d payment at Port Hudson from Major J L Stockdale

10/22/62 Bayliss discharge-is due commutation from 10/22-2/10/63

10/25/62-Urey of Co F 15th Ark -on 40 days sick furlough from 10/25

Fall of 1862- 15th Ark was ordered from Holly Springs where it had been in camp but a short time after reorganization to Port Hudson via Jackson to Tangipahao, La, and then by foot for Port Hudson via Clinton. At Clinton there was a RR that connected to Port Hudson but not enough cars for the 2 Reg'ts that were reinforcing Port Hudson

11/1/62 The regiment arrived at Port Hudson along with 16th-18tn-23rd Arkansas regiments, Jones’ bn and the 15th Arkansas. They were placed under the post command of General Beall cdg. Thehy extablished camp in the center of the fort where it was maintained until just prior to the investment.

11/22/62 Port Hudson-certificate of disability by surgeon of 15th Ark for man of 15th regt Ark inf, Walker’s Co-had been in 40th Tn -- [from 40th Tn footnote]

11/25/62 discharge-[from 40th Tn footnote]
Endorsements include Maj Stewart 15th Ark cdg-Then Col Johnson cdg

11/25/62 certificate of disability for Hill & Brown of Co F 15th Ark-appd Voorhies sr surgeon-appd Johnson Col comd-appd P Lynch Lee Major cdg 15th Ark

11/25/62 certificate of disability for Willbanks, Glass Co F and Chandler Co F-and-Sgt Butler Co E, and…-- 15th Ark- appd Voorhies, Div surgeon -appd Johnson Col comd [but see discharge 10/9?]

12/1/62--when I [Capt McClung] returned to the regiment they were at Port Hudson--where I arrived 12/1/62
Very soon our brigade [does he mean regt?] was consolidated which made several supernumerary officers in the regt and I was one since I had a new commission as of 10/3 so the older officers stayed in command. My Co K was small with only 23 men.

12/27/62 after Gen Gardner took over the Port Hudson command, new brigade organizations were ordered and the15th was placed in Beall’s brigade. Gardner was in Jackson on business, and Beall was temporarily in command when the enemy’s gunboats came up river. The 15th was sent below Port Hudson to support two small batteries that ambushed the boats.

Jan 63 [day not indicated]-Requisition filled by Capt M B Shaw-
Johnson’s consolidated regiment
Capt Joseph Daniel Co B 15th Ark
Col Johnson, cdg
[From 40th Tn footnote]

Jan 63 [can’t read day]-requisition for clothing and camp equipment for Co G of Johnson’s consolidated regt-Capt Walker Co G-and Capt Wilson’s Co K

Jan 63-requisition for Hubbard’s Co E 15th Ark - [from 40th Tn footnote]
For Co E of Johnson’s consolidated regiment

1/30-G Cates of Co I –and Groves-were paid for commutation of rations for 10 days “en route to their command” paid 1/30 Monroe, La-appd Gen Blanchard-signed by Lt [B S Medlams?] recruiting officer

Jan or Feb-temporary consolidation with 16th Ark

2/9/63 Lt Mayne submits resignation as his Co G is consolidated and he is out of a command, and no prospects of recruiting the company since all efforts have been made. And, all conscripts in my state have been formed into regiments in that state.

2/9/63 reference to 15th and 16th Ark being consolidated

2/28/63 requisition for Co B 15th Ark-Capt Daniel and Col Johnson-[from 40th Tn footnote]

2/28/63-requisition for Co E 15th Ark –Capt Hubbard-Col Johnson-[from 40th Tn footnote]

2/28/63 & 3/26 Capt Wolverton Co H 15th Ark-requisition at Port Hudson approved by Col Johnson cdg-
40 pair pants-100 pair drawers, etc. Co H of Johnson’s consolidated regt rec’d from Capt M B Shaw QM [1st Ark bn]

3/26/63 requisition for clothing and camp equipment for Co G of Johnson’s consolidated regt-Capt Walker Co G-and Co K Capt Wilson

5/29/63 Capt Reed of Co G and Capt Hubbard of Co D were killed. Capt Stevenson died of wounds received, and Capt E. Wilson died from concussion of the brain caused by his being struck by a shell.

7/9/63 After the surrender on July 9,1863, the enlisted men were paroled and released (on July 12), and ordered to Washington, Arkansas. The officers were sent to Federal prisons, most remaining there until the end of the war

10/24/63 Cahaba HQs P & E prisoners-LtCol Davis cdg [see Davis cdg Trans Miss bn]-Lt Young asking to be sent to Trans Miss to collect his company that was paroled at Port Hudson.

11/12/63 Lt Pittman unconditional resignation-HQ 19th & 15th [crossed out &… th]---
approved LtCol H G P Williams cdg regts-11/15 HQs paroled & exchanged prisoners-Washington, Ark-Pittman’s resignation approved by Gen Dockery-next level endorsement is K Smith

3/6/64 LtCol H G P Williams cdg camp exchanged and paroled prisoners-to Gen Drayton div cdr-regarding Findley of 15th Ark, Co C under arrest with Drayton at Springfield

7/6/64-Camden-Col Cravens cdg camp-Lt Anderson having no command under late law of congress- resigns. Cravens says no suitable duty for this officer so respectfully forwarded-appd Gen Dockery

7/8/64 Camden-Col Cravens cdg camp reference the resignation of F. Young

7/8/64 Camden-HQs camps mounted brigade–reference to Col Cravens cdg camp

7/13 Reference at Monticello, Ark- HQs Dockery’s bgde

Late Sept 1864-The 15th was further consolidated with the remnants of the 20th Ark and Hardy’s Consolidated regiment to form the 3rd Consolidated Inf regiment, Trans Miss Dept.

11/29/64 HQs 3rd consolidated regt Ark infantry, McNair’s bgde, Camp Lee-
Col H G P Williams-recommends Sgt Spinks of Co D 15th Ark [Port Hudson troops] as Lt-Capt John Meak cdg regt. This regt is now consol with the 19th & 20th Ark as the 3rd Consol per Dept Orders. It has been regularly mustered and the muster rolls sent to Richmond. Spinks’ unit was now the 5th Co of the 3rd Ark consolidated. He has been acting as an ensign since 7/22. Signed-H G P Williams Col cdg regt

3/1/65 Richmond-Col Johnson to Sec of War regarding his commission. …Says after certified election of 10/16/62, he made application for his commission through Gen Tilghman. Before I could hear from the application, I was transferred to the brigade of Gen Villepigue, after his death, to that of Gen Beall. I never received my commission and since I am under orders for TM Dept, I would like to receive it.

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