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Hi Bill,

More below:

>>>>>>I found a note which said a Captian Burns of Minty's Brigade had seen the report of the capture of three flags during Kilcavalry's charge to the rear. One was the 3rd Texas Cavalry Flag, the second was the Zachariah Ranger's flag and the Third was Benjamin's Infantry. The 3rd said if their flag was captured it was taken from an ambulance, as it had not been unfurled for this battle. My guess as to the other two flags is they were company flags. Have not looked into the 3rd to that depth. Will check Douglas Hale's book. May find the answer there. The capture of the flag in ambulances was described in David Evan's, Sheridan's Horsemen. Not sure how reliable eather source is. If it is in an official report from Minty's Brigade, that should confirm something?>>>>

The Zachry Rangers were a Georgia company (Co. H, 27th Georgia) and the Benjamin Infantry were as well (Co. E, 10th Georgia). As both of these regiments were sering in Lee's army in Virginia, these are company flags takenf rom homes after being sent back earlier from Virginia.

I will have to see my file on the flag of the 3rd Texas Cavalry - their Mobile Depot flag.

>>>>Looked at the Mobile Battle Flags that may have been made in Georgia. Ah Commerce! Even in war time. I think Ross sent most of the flags back before they went to Tennessee, after Holley Springs and used Van Dorn's flag until his death and then used the 13 star cross after that until the end of the war. Maybe I should learn to use it's official name.>>>>

None of the Mobile Depot flags were made in Georgia; they were all made in Mobile, Alabama - hence the name. All were 12 stars. The 13 star Augusta Depot flags were indeed made in Georgia!

I doubt that Ross sent back these Mobile Depot flags - they were required by the drill book for one thing. Perhaps the older Van Dorn flags may have been sent somewhere - and there is no proof of the use of the Van Dorn flag at this time. Armies were trying to standardize battle flags for the whole war pretty much so anything other than Southern Cross flags (save for Cleburne's Division and a few other exceptions) was indeed frowned upon. Likewise, I do not know of the use of any 13 star ANV style battle flags by Ross' command - he got the 12 star flags from Mobile in October, 1863 and prety much used them for the rest of the war save for unit losses.

>>>>The 9th's loss of their flag after crossing an open field under deadly artillery fire, is tragic to include the wounding of the Union soldier. An then some one took it for their personal collection or worse destruction is somewhat bizar. >>>>>>

As it was with some captured CS flags, it was sent to the Ohio governor of the time for the state's collection, which is where it stayed until 1972. Thee were lots of flags that DID go to private collections, but this was not one of those.

Greg Biggs

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