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Hello. Congratulations on being able to have such a beautiful portrait
painted of your ancestor. I know you will always treasure it.
I just have to ask, where was Dr. John Fleming Rodgers from?
Was he out of Alabama or was he perhaps descended from people from the state of Georgia?
Was he around six feet tall with olive complexion and round dark brown eyes?
My gg grandmother was Mary Rodgers Adams whose husband was Joseph William Adams. They had married at Cedartown, Georgia. Adams had fought with a CSA unit in Georgia, but which I have been unable to find. I have made several attempts, but never was successful in deciding which Georgia unit it was.
I have been told in the past that the name of Rodgers was a surname used mostly by the Cherokees. I have never been able to get enough information together to prove or search anything.
Have you had any success in getting further back in your family tree with the Rodgers surname? Did they ever mention being part Cherokee? Or was yours the all White branch that never went that far South?
What I would really like to find is a Rodgers that stepped up and said, "I am a Cherokee," so I could tie my crew to them.
There are hundreds of descendants of the Rodgers family out of north Georgia in the southern Arkansas area with the cemeteries being full of Rodgers in southern Jefferson county.
But no one knows anything about their past history.

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