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That is very kind of you.
Please do. Even if it is not my own, I would still find it interesting. It might give me a clue as to where to look.
I bet that FitzRodgers is where it reallly started from.
Georgia is as far back as it goes for me with it ending like in the 1840's or about.
As far as the dark hair goes, it is all through the Rodgers-Adams connections of mine. They have a certain look and carry themselves a certain way. While not formally educated, my grandmother's brothers could pick up and learn almost anything. All of that bunch had a flair to them that just did not happen but was inherited I feel.
My own grandmother was olive skinned, straight nose, with black hair that turned silver by the time she was 30. I look a lot like the Irishman she married with fair skin, green eyes and what was blonde hair while my mother was a blue eyed blonde.
I am ready to retire at last and I am hoping I can get back to Salt Lake City again, so I just might find something.
Thanks a million for the kind reply.
Linda T, Acrey
Lonoke, Arkansas

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