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Good work, Jim! (as usual)

I was able to convert it into a table and have saved it, along with the rest of the postings, to my Lee's Battery file.

We have in our files here copies of the rostes compiled by Grant Foreman from the National Archives in the 1930s and 1940s.

Among those papers is the notation that, at least one of the Confederate Cherokee regiments, the companies were reorganized (i.e. relettered) according to the captain's date of rank (senior-most designated Company "A", second-senior Company "B", etc.) and THAT's what leads to so much confusion about which company a man might be in.

In reality, it's the same unit, but the designation has been changed to correspond to the commanding officer's rank relative to his compatriots.

Also, Indian Territory units should not be though of as "pure" in tribal terms. Cherokee mixed-bloods were serving in the Creek regiments and Creek mixed-bloods were in at least one of the Cherokee regiments. Non-Indians from Arkansas and Texas also served in the various "Indian" regiments in all ranks from major to private.

By the way, the Confederate adherence to dates-of-rank led to the near-courts martial of one Texas colonel at the end of the war, when he left his command and returned home rather than serve under Choctaw chief Tandy Walker (who, as senior colonel, was given command of the 2nd I.T. Brigade).

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